Aalson: The new voice of techno music, an up-and-coming producer

Aalson is an emerging artist who has made a name for himself on the electronic music scene in recent years. His first EP on the Sinners label, entitled “Black Twist“, not only captivated the audience, but also received the support of iconic electronic music figures such as Laurent Garnier, Fur Coat, Henry Saiz and Animal Trainer, marking a stunning entry into the world of electronic music. His unique ability to blend diverse influences, create rich textures and compose captivating melodies enabled him to forge a strong artistic identity right from the start. This has placed him alongside renowned artists such as Extrawelt, Kiasmos and Teho. However, his collaborations haven’t stopped there; he has multiplied his collaborations with artists such as Worakls on numerous dates and, more recently, with Joris Voorn, through a showcase and a release on his Spectrum label.

Aalson, the rising star of the electronic music scene, recently marked a major turning point in his career by signing to Purified Records, a label renowned for its exacting standards of sound quality and its cutting-edge selection of deep house and indie dance works. This collaboration perfectly illustrates the meeting of Aalson’s captivating, melodic universe and the refined aesthetic of Purified, directed by the talented Nora En Pure.

Among the tracks Aalson brought to Purified,“Never Walk Alone” and“Obsession” stand out as masterpieces of sonic exploration, truly worth a listen. “Never Walk Alone” is an invitation to travel, a track that envelops the listener in an ethereal atmosphere, carried by haunting melodies and a captivating progressive rhythm. On the other hand, “Obsession” plunges into the depths of Aalson’s musical passion, with deep bass and hypnotic synthesizers creating an immersive aural experience.

These tracks, among others signed to Purified, demonstrate his ability to fuse emotion and technique, creating soundscapes that resonate deeply with the audience. Aalson’s signing to Purified Records promises not only a fine showcase for his talent, but also a significant contribution to the label’s sonic identity, continuing to enrich the world of electronic music with compositions that touch the soul.

Recently, Aalson followed up his success with the release of his new track “Elevation”, available as a preview on SoundCloud. This track is part of the Sinners label’s dynamic growth and constant innovation, where Aalson has proved his worth, to the point of becoming the label’s artistic director today. It’s a testament to the rapidly changing musical landscape and Aalson’s commitment to sonic exploration.

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