AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO: the new battery controller from Pioneer DJ

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The electronic music industry is constantly evolving, propelled by innovative technological advances. In this perpetual dynamic, AlphaTheta, the new brand of AlphaTheta Corporation, owner of Pioneer DJ, an emblematic figure in the DJ world, unveils its latest technological jewel: a battery-powered controller, the Omnis-Duo. At the crossroads of avant-garde design and revolutionary functionality, the AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo promises an unprecedented DJ experience, freeing artists from traditional constraints. In this article, we’ll discover the captivating details of this controller, its design, its revolutionary features and its potential impact on the modern DJ experience.

An aesthetic design that blends in everywhere

The Omnis-Duo immediately stands out for its avant-garde design, marking a notable aesthetic evolution in the world of DJ equipment. It will blend harmoniously into any setting, from professional events to impromptu outdoor parties. Its new indigo color, inspired by jeans, a timeless staple, gives it versatility for all occasions. The unit’s elegant lines add a touch of refinement to its unique silhouette. The sobriety of the printing on the top plate reinforces the overall sophistication of its aesthetic. Designed to be casual and fun to use, this controller makes you want to take it with you wherever you go.

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Portability and playability

AlphaTheta’s Omnis-Duo remains a remarkably compact DJ controller, easily slipped into a backpack and ready to accompany you on all your musical explorations. Despite its small dimensions, this device integrates two decks, a mixer and a touchscreen, enabling stand-alone performance without the need for a computer. Its light weight and compact size make it easy to carry from stage to stage, ensuring a constant presence on tour and at spontaneous events. The display, which can be adjusted according to ambient light conditions, ensures optimum visibility day and night.
Despite its modest size, the Omnis-Duo doesn’t compromise sound quality in any way. Thanks to its high-end components, it offers exceptional acoustic clarity, enabling DJs to mix with remarkable precision and audio fidelity.
Omnis-Duo: small yet autonomous
With Omnis-Duo, there are no limits. It offers autonomy of up to 5 hours, completely free from the constraints of a mains power supply. When it’s time to recharge your device, you can choose between traditional charging via the AC adapter or embracing modernity by connecting a compatible portable power battery (45 W or more) via the USB Type-C port.

But that’s not all: when the party’s at its height and every minute counts, you can activate the Eco mode. This intelligent function optimizes energy management, prolonging the life of the battery and, by extension, your event. This exceptional autonomy offers total creative freedom, allowing DJs to devote themselves entirely to their art without worrying about the remaining charge.
Finally, by combining the Omnis-Duo with the recent battery-operated WAVE-EIGHT loudspeaker, featuring ultra-low latency SonicLink technology, you can mix without any cable constraints, offering total freedom and an unrivalled musical experience.

Flexible audio output options & integrated Bluetooth audio input

The Omnis-Duo stands out not only for its exceptional mobility and autonomy, but also for the diversity of its audio connection options. Featuring a full range of versatile audio outputs, this controller meets all requirements, allowing easy integration of the Omnis-Duo into any environment, whether in a recording studio or on a festival stage.
The professional quality of its connections guarantees clear, interference-free audio transmission, preserving the purity of every note and rhythm. Whether you’re connecting speakers, recorders or other DJ equipment, the Omnis-Duo adjusts effortlessly to any configuration, making it a remarkably versatile portable controller.

When it comes to mixing in places like a bar, you can take advantage of the professional XLR output for optimum audio quality, while the RCA ports prove ideal for connecting monitoring speakers in the comfort of your own home.

This flagship feature allows DJs to wirelessly connect their mobile devices or computers, opening the door to a virtually infinite music library. Easy integration of tracks via Bluetooth removes the constraints of cables, offering freedom of movement and flexibility during performance.
The Omnis-Duo lets you mix your favorite tracks stored on different devices, or respond instantly to audience requests by adding tracks spontaneously from your smartphone or tablet. This Bluetooth audio connectivity favors dynamic, interactive and resolutely modern sets, perfectly aligned with the expectations of today’s increasingly connected audience. With the pioneering Bluetooth playback function, you gain total control over the turntable’s audio. You can adjust volume and EQ, apply effects, modify tempo, use Hot Cues and scratch, just as you would with tracks loaded from a USB stick or SD card.

Multiple source support

The Omnis-Duo stands out for its remarkable compatibility with a multitude of music sources, affirming its position as a versatile all-in-one DJ controller. Whether vinyl, CD, digital files or live streaming, the Omnis-Duo adapts seamlessly to all formats.
This versatility means you can explore a wide variety of musical resources to enrich your performances. The Omnis-Duo’s extensive connectivity, including USB inputs, SD card ports, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity (available with Link Export and the CloudDirectPlay function in rekordbox for Mac/Windows or rekordbox for iOS/Android), ensures a smooth transition between tracks, regardless of their source.

With its avant-garde design and innovative features, the AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo opens up new horizons for artists seeking mobility, flexibility and exceptional performance. It stands out for its unique features, offering an unfettered DJ experience and redefining the expectations of electronic music professionals.

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