Mandragora unveils DJ Tiësto, an explosive track not to be missed!

The emerging artist’s new opus, entitled “DJ Tiësto”, heralds the arrival of “Alicia”, an album that promises a fresh reinterpretation of Mandragora, in a different light.

Mandragora: From Conservatory to World Festivals

You probably already know him from Codeïne or Sem Chão.
The DJ Mandragora a.k.a. Néto, from Chihuahua, Mexico, made his mark on the world of electronic music by creating the “futureprog” genre. After initial training at the conservatory, he chose to move into music production, influenced by the atmosphere of local raves and the dynamism of hip-hop. His move to Brazil and his collaboration with Alien Records have been decisive in the dissemination of his work, which has resonated at major international festivals, consolidating his reputation as an innovator in the music industry.

“DJ Tiësto” / Alicia album: a new artistic lease of life for Mandragora

“DJ Tiësto” is a track that transports the listener into a dynamic and intoxicating universe. Mandragora’s driving rhythms and electro-psychedelic sounds are omnipresent, offering a captivating aural experience. Powerful bass and catchy melodies combine perfectly to create a festive, energizing atmosphere.

“DJ Tiësto” is the first preview of the album “Alicia”, which promises to reveal a still unknown facet of Mandragora. With this album, the artist explores new sound universes and highlights his boundless creativity. Each track tells a unique story and invites the listener on an exciting musical journey.

The release of “Alicia” marks a major turning point in Mandragora’s career. With this forthcoming album, he promises to surprise us and push back the boundaries of what we know of his music. Stay tuned for more musical adventures from DJ Mandragora on TechnoMag!

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