Roland AIRA Compact: Focus on the portable production instrument series

To give you a little video preview of Roland’s AIRA Compact series, I’m sharing with you the Sondiers video which did a great review 🙂

Roland’s AIRA Compact series are portable electronic musical instruments that use Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology to digitally recreate the sounds of Roland’s classic synthesizers and drum machines. Current models include the T-8 Beat Machine, inspired by the TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines with a bass synthesizer reminiscent of the TB-303; the J-6 Chord Synthesizer, based on the sounds of the Juno 60 and featuring a powerful chord sequencer ; the E-4 Voice Tweaker, a vocal effects unit offering advanced voice transformations and standard vocal effects; and the S-1 Tweak Synth, inspired by the SH-101, offering four-voice polyphony with a variety of effects and a step sequence. These instruments are designed to be portable and can be used alone or connected together, offering great flexibility for musical creation on the move.

Roland S-1 Tweak Synthesizer

The S-1 Tweak Synthesizer draws its sounds from the iconic SH-101 thanks to Roland’s ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology. Fans of punchy bass and expressive leads will find the authentic characteristics of the SH-101, but with new features. Equipped with physical front panel controllers, the S-1 offers an intuitive approach to sound synthesis. Classic synthesis parameters are at your fingertips, allowing users to sculpt and manipulate their sounds in real time. The integrated keyboard with over two octaves offers a direct interface for melodic exploration, making the S-1 as accessible to beginners as to experienced users. With Mono, Poly, Unison, Chord modes and four polyphony voices, the S-1 offers exceptional flexibility when creating a sound. Also, its 64-step, 64-pattern sequencer enables complex live creation, while advanced programming tools offer features such as motion recording, probability settings, sub-steps, last step and velocity. The easy-to-use arpeggiator with eight phrase types adds an extra dimension to musical creativity.

The S-1 features the D-Motion function, which lets you control pitch, modulation and other parameters by physically moving the instrument. Finally, with full audio, MIDI and sync connectivity, plus AIRA Link compatibility, the S-1 offers seamless integration into any musical setup. Robust design, high-quality rubber pads and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering up to 4.5 hours of autonomy make the S-1 a reliable companion for musicians on the move.

Roland T-8 Beat Machine

The T-8 offers lightning-fast rhythmic creation thanks to its iconic TR drum sounds, derived from the legendary TR-808, TR-909, TR-606 and TB-303. Its bass track, featuring the square and sawtooth waveforms inherited from the TB-303 Bass Line, guarantees a diversity of sounds.

What’s more, thanks to the ACB technology used, the T-8 faithfully reproduces the timbres and behaviors of vintage Roland instruments, ensuring unparalleled sound quality. The classic TR-REC sequencer, with 64 user patterns and up to 32 steps for each, offers precise, intuitive rhythmic programming. So every step of your sound creation is guided by authentic reproduction and smooth programming. To further enrich your experience, the T-8 features built-in effects such as Delay, Reverb, Overdrive and Sidechain compression. These options let you add color to your creations, adding an extra dimension to your sonic explorations. In terms of connectivity, it offers full audio, MIDI and synchro connectivity, as well as AIRA Link compatibility. Thanks to its USB-C audio/MIDI interface with no drivers to install, the T-8 adapts perfectly to your needs, offering a practical solution for your electronic music setup.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this tool provides up to 4.5 hours of autonomy, for uninterrupted creativity. From concept to completion, the T-8 Beat Machine is your partner of choice, ready to transform your ideas into electrifying rhythms and redefine your approach to music creation.

Roland J-6 Chord Synth

The J-6 Chord Synth merges the powerful chord sequencer with the legendary sounds of the JUNO-60 synth. Portable and professional, this instrument offers an array of features for creating songs in seconds and experimenting with a variety of styles, from classical to contemporary.
The J-6 lets you create 100 chord sets, covering a range of genres from classical to contemporary. Arpeggios and rhythmic phrases intertwine harmoniously with chords, offering nine styles and twelve variations each, allowing infinite exploration of rhythmic possibilities. Its programmable chord sequencer features 64 user patterns, with up to 64 steps in each, offering total compositional flexibility. The J-6 incorporates a four-voice JUNO-60 synthesis generator, powered by ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology, and offers 64 preset synth sounds, faithfully derived from the original JUNO-60. Envelope and filter controls let you sculpt your sounds in real time, adding an expressive dimension to your playing.
With full audio, MIDI and sync connectivity, as well as AIRA Link compatibility, the J-6 integrates seamlessly into your musical setup. The driverless audio/MIDI interface via USB-C further simplifies integration, offering a practical solution for your production needs.
Last but not least, the J-6 is powered by a lithium-ion battery, providing up to 4.5 hours of autonomy, guaranteeing uninterrupted creativity wherever you are. With a robust design and high-quality rubber knobs, this instrument is ready to stand the test of time and accompany your musical exploration.

Roland E-4 Voice Tweaker

The E-4 Voice Modifier is much more than a simple effects box, it’s a tool dedicated to the voice, offering an impressive range of harmonization, Autotune, Vocoder, looping and alteration effects. The E-4 offers live manipulation with Pitch and Formant sliders, allowing you to shape your voice with precision. Auto Pitch, Harmony and Vocoder vocal effects offer advanced possibilities, adding an exceptional dimension to your performance. With this voice modifier, you can process your output sound with high-quality effects such as Reverb, Echo, Tempo Delay and Chorus. The low-pass filter and Noise Gate eliminate unwanted sounds, ensuring exceptional sound quality. The Scatter rotary knob lets you create unique rhythmic effects, adding a distinctive touch to your performance.
The E-4 features a 24-second looper with unlimited overdubs, undo/redo and automatic tempo detection. And with full audio, MIDI and synchro connectivity, as well as AIRA Link compatibility, it fits right in.

To conclude, here’s a video of a user using Roland’s four machines in series.
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