Our opinion of Lalal.ai: the online tool for extracting audio tracks

While perceived as a threat by most artistic circles, Artificial Intelligence can also prove to be a faithful companion and a strong ally of creativity. In the music world, the Lalal.ai platform is a perfect example! By making it easy to extract any audio track, this online tool facilitates music and audiovisual creation. But what is this site for musicians and videographers really worth? Technomag tells you more!

Lalal.ai: what is it?

The origins of the Lalal. ai online platform lie in 2020, when a team of Artificial Intelligence specialists came together around a common passion: audiovisuals. The Lalal.ai team has transformed AI into a true ally of creativity, making the work of musicians, music producers, sound engineers and videographers easier through technology. Now that the synthesizer can be extracted, Lalal.ai is the world’s first 8-track splitter! Now available in eight languages, our apps for IOS and Android keep your platform at your fingertips, wherever you are. But what does the Lalal.ai tool actually do? Let’s find out together!

Why do you use Lalal.ai in your remix and production creations?

Musicians, DJs, producers and sound engineers will find Lalal.ai an efficient solution for extracting audio tracks quickly and easily. Among the many possibilities offered by this online tool, you can :

  • Isolate each track of a piece of music to extract the elements (stems) you need.
  • Separating tracks within a song
  • create a remix by extracting a voice or instrument from an audio track;
  • isolate a musical instrument and reuse it in a new composition.
  • clean up an audio track by removing background or extraneous noise ;
  • create a karaoke track by removing the vocals from a song;
  • remove the vocal track from a song to reuse the instrument in your videos;

These are just a few examples of how to use the tool, because in reality, it’s your creativity and your needs that will define the way you use Lalal.ai! In addition to the aforementioned synthesizer, the intelligent tool can extract many other stems: voice, wind instruments, drums, string instruments, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano. The platform is highly intuitive, making it easy for novice musicians to develop their first creations! File processing times obviously depend on the formats used, but on the whole, the tool performs well.

What are the limitations of the Lalal.ai platform?

The main limitation of this effective tool is that it slightly alters the audio track. Enthusiasts won’t be bothered by this very slight modification, but professional ears are sure to notice! Modulation, especially audible in the most complex tracks, is due to sound processing by the AI. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this technology in certain situations!

Otherwise, depending on your remix project, it may be interesting, but don’t forget that you need to have the rights to a song if you want to release your remix to the general public!


By basing its operation on the principle of machine learning, Lalal.ai offers musical artists and sound technicians an effective, advanced and easy-to-use tool! More seasoned musicians will obviously encounter limitations, but won’t shun the platform for basic everyday needs. As for apprentice musicians, they’ll find Lalal.ai an intuitive platform that encourages creativity and fosters inspiration! Finally, pricing is another Lalal.ai advantage: by offering packages measured in minutes, users can pay according to their needs at any given moment, rather than on a monthly basis, as is often the case.

Our best advice is to start by taking advantage of the trial offer before you buy, to see if it’s the right tool for you! Follow this link to get 10 minutes of free audio processing 😉

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