Meet Blakeys: An innovative DJ/producer on the rise

In a recent interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Blakeys, a DJ and producer who has made a name for himself on the electronic music scene, thanks to his passion for music and his particularly distinctive techno style.

Inspired beginnings

Blakeys fell in love with techno at an early age, thanks to his big brother who used to listen to it in his car on the way home from school or on their walks. This passion was intensified by the parties he attended every weekend. One day, his collocation with Anthony Prost led him to try out a controller, and his DJ career began. Blakeys sees production as fundamental to success in the world of electronic music. What could be better than mixing your own sounds or watching a well-known artist use your track?

Blakeys, with his three years’ experience behind the console, has made the most of his modest beginnings in a small bar in Vieux Nice, called “l’Antre”. Techno music has always resonated with him, a passion inherited from his older brother. His passion for music grew as he spent evenings exploring electronic rhythms and melodies, until he finally began producing his own music.

A distinctive style

Blakeys stands out for its acid rave style, an electro genre characterized by repetitive beats and heavily distorted bass notes, inspired by the 90s rave movement. His favorite artist, Teokad, has greatly influenced his work, and he particularly recommends the latter’s track“Blast” for those seeking to understand his inspirations.

A unique creative process

When it comes to producing music, Blakeys always starts by creating the “kick”, using plugins or modified samples. Then he moves on to the elements that will be used to elaborate a melody and acid. He mainly uses Ableton Live Suite 11 and various VSTs to produce his sounds, always seeking to infuse his tracks with a brutal, dynamic acid line that has become his signature sound. He recommends tools such as Serum, KICK 2, TB Roland 303, Decapitator, and Fabfilter for those wishing to get started in techno music production.

Blakeys & Pawlowski – Dieze, Prostcrastination Kosmos, Montpellier

Career development

Blakeys has already collaborated with PICCOLØ and ZEP, two artists on the rise in the music world. These collaborations will be included in his first EP, due for release at the end of August. In his opinion, a successful collaboration depends on the musical style and feeling between the artists.

While he’s faced challenges, such as creating three tracks this summer (he’s already done two), he’s also had his moments. For him, every time he plays on a big stage, it’s already a success. He finds it incredible to receive the support of the public, his friends and to be recognized in the street.

Looking to the future

Blakeys has a realistic view of the electronic music industry, noting the constant evolution of genres and the mixing of styles in current productions. For emerging DJs and producers, he advises not to hesitate to talk to established artists, ask for advice, and interact with the various music collectives.

For those aspiring to break into the industry, he recommends producing and sending their tracks to well-known artists for feedback, and leveraging social networks to promote their work. He stresses the importance of learning sound design, in particular with tools like Serum, to be able to create your own sounds.

Dieze, Prostcrastination Kosmos, Montpellier

Next steps

Blakeys has big plans for the future. He aspires to play in other countries, release his first EP, and make a name for himself thanks to the stories shared by other artists on social networks. He also announced his participation in the Insane Festival which promises to be one of his biggest performances to date.


In conclusion, Blakeys reminds us that music requires a great deal of concentration, rigor, willpower and, above all, mental strength. He encourages all those who dream of taking the plunge to never give up. Finally, Blakeys expresses his gratitude to all those who support him, from his friends to his girlfriend, and everyone he meets at parties.

To discover his music, you can follow him on Instagram(@Blakeys_music), Soundcloud(Blakeys) and soon on Spotify and YouTube.

We hope you enjoy listening to this album, and that you’ll be as captivated by Blakeys’ musical universe as we were.

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