Dour 2024: which Techno artists will be there?

Date: July 17 – 21 2024
Location: Dour, Site Du Festival de Dour

The year 2024 promises to be an unforgettable explosion of sound with the Dour Music Festival SA and GO GO GO, with a techno line-up that promises to be as captivating as it is diverse, with over 200 artists joining the Dour Festival bill. Fans of electronic beats can’t wait to discover the artists who will electrify the stages of the famous festival. We invite you to discover the names that will make the hearts of electronic music fans beat faster.

Introducing the Dour 2024 festival

The Dour Festival, orchestrated by Dour Music Festival ASBL, is a European festival dedicated to alternative, independent and multicultural music. Every summer, this 5-day event takes place in Dour, near Mons, Belgium. The Dour Festival was inaugurated in 1989 thanks to the joint initiative of Carlo di Antonio and Marc de Fays.

After a brief absence, the festival is now held every year. 2024 being no exception, from July 17 to July 21 in the heart of Belgium, the Dour 2024 festival promises an unforgettable musical experience that will transcend the boundaries of time and space. The program features a wide range of musical styles, including techno, rap, drum and bass and more. Several stages have also been prepared to ensure the success of this festival which, as in previous years, will bring together thousands of music fans. These are: The Last Arena with a capacity of 20,000, De Balzaal with a capacity of 15,000, Boombox with a capacity of 9,000, La petite Maison de la Prairie with a capacity of 8,500, Le Labo with a capacity of 3,000, Le Garage with a capacity of 1,000, Dub Coner with a capacity of 2,000 and the Rockamadour.

Several different tickets are on the market, giving those wishing to participate several interesting options to choose from: Festival tickets, various glamping offers, Parking Pass. Ticketing information is available on the event website.

The first techno artists announced!

La techno scene promises an incredible atmosphere for this edition. A number of talented, internationally renowned artists will be on hand to set the Dour 2024 festival alight. Here are the techno artists who will be present:

Amelie Lens

Amélie Lens is one of Dour’s leading techno artists of recent years. “Boom! Boom!” goes the melody of the thirty-something Belgian musician who has helped reaffirm the presence of Belgian electronica on the international scene. As a DJ and producer, she has signed a dozen productions, including two on her own Lenske label, and has produced a mix as a DJ on the Fabric label. The Antwerp-based artist intends to take us on his acid techno highway during his 6th appearance at the Dour Festival. As in previous editions, Amélie Lens will once again be showcasing her talents.


Creeds, a French artist with a singular musical background, started out in the world of music with classical piano training, before being captivated by the world of techno. This discovery marked a decisive turning point in his career, enabling him to explore new depths of sound. With a ten-year practice in classical music as a foundation, Creeds fuses his love for trance and hardbeat, creating a unique style that blends genres and influences. His dynamic, melodious and innovative productions are a testament to his talent and eclecticism. Creeds invites you on a musical journey where every note is designed to sweep you off your feet, in a universe where the hypnotic rhythms of techno meet the melodic richness of its classical heritage. His music is a truly immersive experience, an adventure where genre boundaries blur to make way for boundless sonic exploration.


After their last appearance at the 2019 Dour festival, Northern Ireland’s Bicep are back for this 2024 edition. Bicep is a Northern Irish band formed in 2008. This group is made up of Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar. These undisputed masters of epic house and electronica, now headlining the prestigious Ninja Tune label, have spent the last 13 years spreading infectious euphoria on dancefloors across the globe. All thanks to the power of their deft little musical fingers. This year, they will be at the festival to present their live audiovisual “Chroma”.


If the number of letters in TRYM matches that of DOUR, it’s more than a coincidence; it’s the result of a meeting and a connection destined to last. TRYM is admired by all techno fans. Every time he appears, he creates a stir. His visit left a lasting impression on the dancefloor of the De Balzaal stage in 2022 and 2023. That’s why, this year, he’s in charge of La Last Arena, where he’ll be presenting an exclusive audiovisual show entitled MILLENIUM. “MILLENIUM” is also the name of an EP he released in 2020, which is selling like hotcakes on Discogs, where nobody wants to give it up. He’ll be there again this year to set the Last Arena alight.
Honey Dijon
After a stint at the 2018 Dour festival, Honey Dijon is back for the 2024 edition. She is a model, producer and techno DJ. Indeed, queen Honey Dijon performs in clubs, art galleries and fashion events all over the world. For the Dour 2024 festival, electronic music aficionados are in for a treat, with bright, supercharged sets that get right up your nose.


OGUZ makes its debut at this year’s Dour festival. If you could ride the rave/hardtechno wave along the Turkish or Amsterdam coasts, OGUZ would be the Kelly Slater of the genre. The creator of ‘Golden SZN’, one of the most memorable hardtechno tracks of recent years, makes a stopover at Dour. Indeed, OGUZ has been making its way on the electronic music scene for almost a decade. While still in his early twenties, this artist has gathered a dedicated community that fuels his creative journey. Hailing from the suburbs of Amsterdam, OGUZ has become a driving force on the international techno scene, captivating audiences with his spellbinding sets and innovative productions. His first encounters with electronic music took place in 2016, when he attended raves and illegal parties in Amsterdam. OGUZ was instantly drawn to the energy and excitement of electronic music. Inspired by these formative experiences, he embarked on a personal quest to blaze his own sonic trail, delving into the intricacies of music production and honing his skills to perfection. Since these early experiences, he has devoted himself to his craft and his growth as an artist.

Get ready to dive into the captivating adventure of Dour 2024, where music becomes a true celebration of life.

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