Defqon 1 Festival 2024: Line-up, info and dates

In less than a week’s time, the Defqon 1 Festival is gearing up for another exciting edition, promising an unforgettable musical experience at the heart of the electro scene. Since its inception, this iconic festival has captured the hearts of hardestyle music fans the world over, erecting a veritable temple dedicated to the fusion of powerful beats, festive ambiences and a passionate community. In this perpetual quest to transcend expectations, the Defqon 1 Festival 2024 is already shaping up to be a major fixture in the calendar of hard music fans. As the excitement mounts in the run-up to the event, let’s delve into the details, anticipations and surprises this new edition has in store for its festival-goers. From discovering the venue and official dates to speculating on the explosive line-up that awaits festival-goers, this article will be your ultimate guide to all things Defqon 1 Festival 2024.

History of the Defqon 1 Festival

Since its first edition in 2003, the Defqon 1 Festival has made its way from the obscurity of the underground to the international hardstyle scene. The first editions bore witness to the audacity of its founders, who succeeded in creating a singular event that went against conventional trends. Early festival-goers experienced the emergence of a community united by a shared passion for electronic music and a sense of belonging to a unique experience.
Each year has brought its share of surprises, innovations and highlights. From memorable sets on the Mainstage to talent discoveries on the more intimate stages, Defqon 1 has evolved while preserving the essence that makes it so special. World-renowned artists have left their mark on this festival, contributing to its international reputation.

Past editions of Defqon 1 are not just chapters in the festival’s history, but episodes charged with emotion and indelible memories. Epic moments, such as mythical night closures, unprecedented collaborations between artists and fireworks that lit up the night sky, sculpted the collective memory of festival-goers. The evolution of installations, special effects and audio technology has also played a crucial role in the festival’s transformation from a local event to a global benchmark. The Defqon 1 Festival isn’t just an event, it’s a constantly evolving saga, and each edition contributes to the richness of this collective history.

Defqon 1 Festival 2024 dates and venue

Defqon 1 Festival 2024, a must-attend event on the electronic scene, has enthusiastically unveiled its official dates. Festival-goers from all over the world are invited to book their diaries for June 27 to 30, 2024, where an explosion of music and an electrifying atmosphere await. The announcement of the dates marks the beginning of the growing anticipation and underlines the importance of this long-awaited edition. Nestled in the picturesque expanses of Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands, this year’s edition will once again orchestrate a rhythmic saga of hardstyle music resonating in the hearts of over 70,000 enthusiasts as it does every year. This iconic venue has been carefully selected to offer festival-goers an unrivalled immersive experience. Access to Defqon 1 Festival 2024 is facilitated by a variety of transport options. Detailed information on itineraries, shuttles and parking facilities will be provided to ensure that festival-goers can get around as smoothly as possible. In addition, the organizers put in place logistical solutions to guarantee the comfort of participants, from rest areas to catering stands.

Defqon.1 festival 2024 line-up

  • Jeudi
  • Vendredi
  • Samedi
  • Dimanche
BLUEAct of Rage, B-Front x Phuture Noize: The Enlightenment, Brennan Heart, Hard Driver, Sound Rush, Hosted by Villain
BLACKDeadly Guns, Fantastic Four: Panic, The Darkraver, The Viper, Vince, Mad Dog, Miss K8, Paul Elstak & Partyraiser, Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness
MAGENTAClassics by Surprise, Ecstatic, Jones & Jay Reeve – Back to the Future, Mickeyg & Twstd, Mvtate, Revelators, Solstice ‘Intense Euphower’
INDIGOGezellige Uptempo, Griever & Pl4y, Hosted by Livid, RBX, Sanctuary, Surprise Guests, The Purge
CLUB MPH – SILENThosted by dean & castiano, crest b2b vainez ,jason payne, kavallar, daani
THE WASTED LANDSblame noise, mλgnvz, pie star, ricardo moreno, stephen game, confusa & s.k.g, de plaag, theway
ENTRANCE GATEBright Visions, Genius, Ginia, Hosted by Mike, Nightcraft, Teknoclash
FROM FUIFKARFeestnation, Hak op de Tak, Tavento
REDD-Sturb, Da Tweekaz, DJ Isaac, Dreamscape by The Purge & Adjuzt, Rebelion, Rejecta, Showtek, Sub Zero Project, The Opening Ceremony with Ran-D, The Spotlight with This is Sefa, Vertile, Zatox, Hosted by Villain & DV8
BLUEAversion, Cryex Presents Band of Color, Digital Punk Presents Cyber Punk, E-Force Live, Gunz For Hire, Killshot, Kronos Presents Kryptonite 2.0, Malice Presents: My Therapy, Omnya & Sanctuary, Resolute, Rvage, Sickmode, Unresolved: Bad Blood Live, Voidax, Hosted by Livid
BLUE- Night PartyGearbox Hosting: Anderex, Deezl, Exproz, Fraw, Mutilator, So Juice, The Stig and The Straikerz
BLACKBarbaric Records Live: Barber, Unproven, Manifest Destiny, Billx, Bulletproof Presents Fearless, Cryogenic Presents The Next Gen Live, Dither, Furyan, Hardcore Confessions with Audiofreq, Holy Shit, Hysta, Lil Texas, Nosferatu, Re-Style, Restrained Presents Rulebreaking Hardcore Live, The Spotlight with Spitnoise, Unfused, Hosted by Nolz
UV3 Blokes, Andy Svge Presents Ravetrip, Atmozfears Presents Abstrakt, Avi8, Brennan Heart Presents Save Euphoric, Firelite, Frequencerz Presents Deja Vu, Jay Reeve Presents Melodic Madness, Keltek Live, Mandy, Max Enforcer, Sephyx & Stormerz, The Viper – Ultimate Vibe, Trippin’ with Dr. K., The Viper – Ultimate Vibe. Peacock, Tweekacore, Wasted Penguinz Presents WSTD, Hosted by DL
MAGENTAAdaro, Chain Reaction – Minus is More Special, Deetox, Degos & Re-Done, E-Force & Crypsis, High Voltage, Jajox, Jason Payne – Goldschool, Mind Dimension, Sub Sonik, Unresolved x YRS, Wild Motherfuckers, Hosted by Da Syndrome
MAGENTA NIGHTAudiotricz & Primeshock, Galactixx & Stormerz, Primeshock, Primeshock & Firelite
INDIGOAlter Ego, Bright Visions, Coldax, Dark Entities & Required, Griever, Imperatorz, K1, Kenai Live, Kruelty, Oxya, Revolve, Unfold Showcase: Sparkz, Bmberjck, Required, Heavy Resistance, Vasto & Luminite, Vexxed, Hosted by Synergy
INDIGO NIGHTBoyd, Mark Mywords
YELLOWChaotic Hostility, Crypton, F.Noize, Lunakorpz, Mind Compressor, Soulblast Hard Curse Live, Spiady, Sprinky & Deathroar, System Overload, The Vizitor, Trespassed, Unlocked, Vertex, Yoshiko, Hosted by Robs
GREENAphøtic, Cancel, Cynthia Spiering, Dae, Ghost in the Machine, Karah, Luciid, Ricardo Carota, Somniac One
GOLDCharly Lownoise, Dune, Endymion Qore 3.0 Set, Painbringer, Pavo, Ruffneck & Ophidian, T-Go, Tommyknocker, Vandal!sm, Hosted by Ruffian
ORANGEBack to Mars, Errol Du Ville, Jorine, Liquid Acid, Naadt, Tulpa Dusha
STAMPKROEGdikke baap, het pompstation, krovy, kyøn b2b hades, mattricz, neaxø b2b mera, refold, offensief, opgekonkerd, pombak
CLUB MPHaltijd larstig & rob gasd’rop & bass chaserz-basscafé, Bass feest, Bass rudi & Bass chaserz
THE WASTED LANDScomplex, suae, yeyo

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REDAdrenalize & Galactixx, Angerfist, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Daybreak Session with Geck-O, Devin Wild, Outsiders, Power Hour, Rooler, The Endshow, Warface, Warrior Workout, Wildstylez, Hosted by Villain & DV8
BLUEAnderex, Adjuzt, Aftershock, Chapter V, Code Black, Deluzion, Dual Damage, Level One, Mutilator, Riot Shift, Scarra & Vasto Present Bassline Breaker, The Purge Presents Beyond Trippin’, The Straikerz – Jackpot.1 Live, Hosted by Livid
BLUE – Night partyEnd of Line: Artifact, Bloodlust, D-Sturb, E-Force, Warface
BLACKAnime, Black Reaper Presents: Deadly Guns x Elite Enemy x Heavy Damage, Broken Minds, Chaos Project, Dimitri K, DRS Live, Irradiate Presents Atomic Warfare, Karun, Lunakorpz, Major Conspiracy & The Dope Doctor, Marc Acardipane & Rob Gee are The Gabberanos, MBK Presents World of Distortion, N-Vitral, Hosted by Alee & Tha Watcher
UVAudiotricz & Ecstatic Present Progressive Hardstyle, B-Front 20 Years, Bass Modulators, Cyber, Darren Styles, Demi Kanon, Frontliner, Maxtreme, Primeshock, Psyko Punkz, Refuzion, Toneshifterz, Hosted by DL & Synergy
MAGENTAAlpha Twins, Davide Sonar, DJ Mystery, Donkey Rollers, JDX, Luna, Pavo, Sunny D, Tatanka, TNT, Zany, Hosted by Ruffian
MAGENTA NIGHTMish & Geck-O, Geck-O & D00d
INDIGOAmentis, Cold Confusion, Element, Fraw, Physika, Radianze & Sub Sonik, Rude Convict, Sanctuary, Scarra, The Saints, The Smiler, Zyon, Hosted by Activate & Flo
INDIGO NIGHTDJ Bassie, Michael Christen
YELLOWAbaddon & MC Raise Present Fallen Angel Live, Akira, Aradia, Doris Presents Elixir, Juju Rush, Juliëx, Jur Terreur, Levenkhan, Preceptor Live, Remzcore, Røza, STV, The Chemicals of NoxiouZ, Tukkertempo, Unicorn on K Presents Pipipipi Live, Hosted by RG & Robs
SILVERArmageddon Project, AVLM, Catscan, Hellfish & Thrasher, Mindustries b2b Fracture 4, Speedcore Dating with Akira, Starving Insect, The Outside Agency, The Silence Live, Waldhaus
GOLDAndy The Core Presents Hardcore is Forever, Anime, Artcore with Ruffneck, Dione, DJ Rob & MC Joe, Marc Acardipane, Noxa, Panic & The Viper, Promo, Rob Gee, Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness & Da Syndrome
PURPLECrazykill, Crest, Demencia, Dvastate, Erabreak, Guardelion, Hyperverb, Kelvin Farheaven, Miss Isa, Myth, Redhot, Serzo, Spectre, Storah, Strike Blood, Hosted by D
STAMPKROEGCreavøn & Rossino Present Beuksessie, DJ Medved Presents Hardbass Blyat, Klapperkebab, Klapperkebab Ravegenerator Set, More Kords b2b Aftergeneration, Partijkartel_Xxl Presents Groenrechts, RBX & Mind Dimensiøn, Re-X Presents “De Bonte Middag”, Sanctuary Presents Drum ‘n Bass, Trance by Cro & Steenwolk, unlocked “the closing clown”, zezima “classic madness”, hosted by arie loco
CLUB MPHGezellige uptechno & dokter bruine beer, Het pompstation & yung petsi present “robuuste pompers”, klapperkebab & turbokevin, noisreva vs. sugar punch, woodstock ’99 sloopsessie, hosted by s4tisfyer
THE WASTED LANDSAtmo,D-venn, Inflame
REDDefqon.1 Legends, The Closing Ritual, Hosted by Villain
BLUEAdaro, Bloodlust, Boray, Cryex & Kenai & Vexxed, Crypsis, Imperatorz, Invector, Mish, Radianze, Rebelion & Aversion, Sickmode & Krowdexx, Spoontechnicians, Hosted by Livid & Nolz
BLACKD-Fence & Never Surrender, Endymion Millennium Live, Evil Activities, Gridkiller, Korsakoff & Hysta, Namara, Open Airbed Concert with JDX, Spitnoise & Barber, Tha Playah & Promo ft. Snowflake, Hosted by Alee
UVAltijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop, Bass Chaserz & Dr. Rude, De Nachtbrakers, Deepack, Dikke Baap, Gassie & Adriaan, Gezellige Uptempo, GPF, Kruzo, Mark with a K & Pat B & MC Chucky, Outsiders & Freddy Moreira, Potato, The Darkraver, Hosted by Da Syndrome & Boogshe
MAGENTAA-Motion, B-Freqz, Code Black, Jones, Noisecontrollers, Noisecult ‘Bring Back the Cult’, The Pitcher – This is My Sound Classics, Villain & DV8 Present the Legacy, Wasted Penguinz, Hosted by DV8
INDIGOBmberjck & Revelation, Deezl, Exproz, Hard Destiny & Collusion, Madmize, Revive, So Juice, Sparkz, Spitfire Live, Superior Core, Thyron & Luner, Viva La Fist, Hosted by Synergy
YELLOWAngernoizer, False Idol, Glitch, Hatred, Hyrule War, Lady Dammage, Le Bask & D-Frek, Maissouille, Opgekonkerd, Partyraiser & Bulletproof, Rayvolt ‘Break the Silence’, Satirized, Unproven, Terrorclown, Hosted by RG
WHITEAnderex & Desudo Orange Heart, EZG, Geck-O, Klakmatrak, Koarse, Kyøn, Leprince, Luna, Møscardø, Spoontechno, XRTN
GOLDArt of Fighters, Bass-D, MD&A, Nosferatu, Rave Generators, Shadowlands Terrorists, Steve-D, The Raver, Tjerhakkers, Zearø, Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness
PURPLEAmigo, Antergy, Beto, Ditzkickz, Divisium, Exoform, Faceless, Karina Rosee, Kideast, Magistri, Mortis, Releazer, Senna, Sick Bastards, Hosted by Flo
STAMPKROEGAltijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop x Feestmodulators,, Bassfeest, Buren van de Brandweer, De Sfeermakers, Feestnation, Gladjakkers, Haha Bierjongen, Hak op de Tak, Loud & Fout, Outsiders x Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop Jump Classics, Papa Lauda, Walter Mellow, Zanger Albert

Tickets and prices

One of the most important aspects of the Defqon 1 Festival 2024 experience is the efficient planning of ticket purchases, because yes, they are all sold out for 2024.
Defqon 1 Festival organizers offer a wide range of tickets, allowing festival-goers to choose the option that best suits their preferences. From standard to Premium tickets, each category offers a unique experience. Prices vary according to the length of the festival, benefits included, and proximity to the main stage.

  • Weekend Tickets (4 days)
  • Friday Tickets
  • Saturday Tickets
  • Sunday Tickets
  • Premium Weekend Tickets (4 days)
  • Premium Friday Tickets
  • Premium Saturday Tickets
  • Premium Sunday Tickets

Camping options: For those looking for an immersive experience, camping options are available with different comfort categories.
Careful preparation will enable you to enjoy the Defqon 1 Festival 2024 to the full, so make sure you’re well informed and ready for an unforgettable experience at the heart of electronic music.

In conclusion, the Defqon 1 Festival 2024 looks set to be the key event of the year for hardstyle enthusiasts. With dates now fixed and a venue carefully selected, the anticipation is at its peak, promising a memorable edition that will live long in the memory. The line-up has yet to be unveiled, but it promises to be as grandiose as in previous years. From legendary headliners to emerging artists, each performance promises to transport festival-goers on a unique sonic journey. Whether you’re a long-time regular or a newcomer, careful preparation will help maximize your enjoyment of this exceptional festival. See you at the Defqon 1 Festival 2024.

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