100 Free VSTs for Techno Music Production

Hello! In this list, we present an exceptional compilation of 100 free VSTs, carefully selected to enrich your production arsenal for techno music. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a novice enthusiast, this collection offers you a diverse range of tools, from synthesizers to effects, to inspire and stimulate your creativity.

Get ready to enrich your virtual instrument library dedicated to techno production with these 100 free VSTs.

1. Vital Audio (Synth)

Vital Audio Vital - Top 10 EDM Plugins (And 10 Best FREE EDM Plugins) | Integraudio.com

  • Description: Vital is a visual synthesizer offering animated controls, filters, waveforms, fluid LFOs and more for rich sound modulation. Ideal for wide stereo effects and advanced music production.
  • Link: Vital | PC / Mac

2. Kairatune

  • Description: Kairatune is a free VST designed for precise electric sounds. It offers a fast, intuitive workflow, ideal for EDM producers.
  • Link: Kairatune | PC / Mac

3. Beat DRMR

  • Description: Beat DRMR offers 178 drum kits for various styles. Includes acoustic and electronic drum samples.
  • Link: Beat DRMR | PC / Mac

4. TyrellN6

  • Description: TyrellN6 is a compact synth with two oscillators, a ring modulator and an LFO tool. Over 580 factory presets available.
  • Link: TyrellN6 | PC / Mac

5. 808 Bass Module 4 Lite

  • Description: A powerful 808 bass ROMpler with 15 presets for EDM. Perfect for bass lines.
  • Link: 808 Bass Module 4 Lite | PC / Mac

6. Tunefish V4

  • Description: Tunefish V4 uses a wavetable generator to create unique sounds. Includes various filters and effects.
  • Link: Tunefish V4 | PC / Mac / Linux / AU

7. Free Alpha

  • Description: Free Alpha is a synthesizer based on a subtractive design. Includes two oscillator modules and various effects.
  • Link: Free Alpha | PC / Mac

8. Dexed

  • Description: Dexed emulates the sound of the Yamaha DX7. Ideal for playing the classic sounds of this VST synth.
  • Link: Dexed | PC / Mac

9. Helm

  • Description: Helm is a synthesis plugin with integrated synthesizer and sequencer, perfect for bass lines and leads.
  • Link: Helm | PC / Mac / AU

10. Drum Pro

  • Description: DRUM Pro is a versatile drum plugin for creating realistic rhythms.
  • Link: Drum Pro | PC / Mac

11. Krush

  • Description: Krush is a digital plugin for sculpting and adjusting sounds, offering a touch of analog.
  • Link: Krush | PC / Mac

12. Beat Black Mamba

  • Description: Beat Black Mamba is a futuristic drum synthesizer, ideal for punchy electronic drums.
  • Link: Beat Black Mamba | PC / Mac

13. Synth1

  • Description: Synth1 is a versatile software synthesizer inspired by the Clavia Nord Lead 2. Offers polyphony up to 16 notes.
  • Link: Synth1 | Windows / Mac

14. X-SUB

  • Description: X-SUB offers 36 808 bass sounds for deep, punchy bass.
  • Link: X-SUB | PC

15. Odin 2

  • Description: Odin 2 is a 24-voice polyphonic synthesizer offering powerful basses and exquisite leads.
  • Link: Odin 2 | Windows / Mac / Linux

16. Zebralette

  • Description: Zebralette is an introduction to Zebra2 oscillators, ideal for efficient bass sounds.
  • Link: Zebralette | Windows / Mac / Linux

17. Roland TR707

  • Description: Roland TR707 is a drum machine with iconic sounds, perfect for a classic sound.
  • Link: Roland TR707 | PC

18. Surge XT

  • Description: Surge XT offers advanced synthesis techniques, filters and a modulation engine for unique sounds.
  • Link: Surge XT | Windows / Mac / Linux

19. Monster Drum

  • Description: Monster Drum is an easy-to-use sampler with a wide range of drum sounds.
  • Link: Monster Drum | Windows / Mac

20. DSK mini DRUMZ 2

  • Description: DSK Mini Drumz 2 offers 20 classic drum machines for EDM production.
  • Link: DSK mini DRUMZ 2 | Windows

21. RVK-808

  • Description: RVK-808 is a drum ROMpler inspired by the classic TR-808, offering 272 high-quality samples.
  • Link: RVK-808 | Windows / Mac

22. ODsay

  • Description: ODsay is an ARP Odissey emulation for classic analog synth sounds.
  • Link: ODsay | Windows

23. Kick-n-Snare EX

  • Description: Kick-n-Snare EX is an EDM drum rompler with sounds focused on dubstep and the future EDM genre.
  • Link: Kick-n-Snare EX | Windows / Mac

24. TAL-Bassline

  • Description: TAL-BassLine is a bass synthesizer with non-linear envelopes for acid sounds.
  • Link: TAL-Bassline | Windows / Mac

25. June-21

  • Description: June-21 is a Roland Juno/MKS-50 emulation for recreating the sounds of these classic synthesizers.
  • Link: June-21 | Windows / Linux

26. TAL-NoiseMaker by TAL Software

  • Description: TAL-NoiseMaker is a virtual analog synthesizer with three oscillators, various filters and effects such as chorus, reverb and bitcrusher.
  • Link: TAL-NoiseMaker

27. LABS by Spitfire Audio

  • Description: LABS offers a series of plugins with a wide variety of instruments, perfect for adding an orchestral touch to your productions.
  • Link: LABS

28. Saturation Knob by Softube

  • Description: A simple saturation/distortion plugin to add warmth and richness to your tracks.
  • Link: Saturation Knob

29. TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records

  • Description: TDR Nova is a versatile equalizer with compression features, ideal for mixing and mastering.
  • Link: TDR Nova

30. Valhalla Super Massive

  • Description: Valhalla Super Massive offers lush reverbs and delays, perfect for adding depth and ambience to your tracks.
  • Link: Valhalla Super Massive

31. Valhalla Freq Echo

  • Description: Freq Echo is an echo plugin that also offers modulation capabilities, perfect for doubling and chorusing.
  • Link: Valhalla Freq Echo

32. Ribs by Hyova Audio

  • Description: Ribs is a versatile granular synthesizer/effect for creating evolving soundscapes and textures.
  • Link: Ribs

33. Native Instruments Komplete Start

34. Kilohearts Essentials

  • Description: Collection of free VST plugins covering various effects such as EQ, Bit Crusher, Delay, Reverb.
  • Link: Kilohearts Essentials

35. Xfer OTT

  • Description: A free multiband compressor offering extreme compression for a distinctive sound.
  • Link: Xfer OTT

36. Orchestral Tools Layers

  • Description: Plugin offering a variety of orchestral instruments, ideal for reproducing a full orchestral sound.
  • Link: Orchestral Tools Layers

37. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover by Spitfire Audio

38. Infinite Space Piano

  • Description: A unique piano plugin combining piano sounds with atmospheric textures.
  • Link: Infinite Space Piano

39. Ample Bass P LITE II

  • Description: A free bass plugin offering a realistic sound based on a Fender Precision Bass.
  • Link: Ample Bass P LITE II

40. DDMF ColourEQ

  • Description: A free equalizer offering a creative approach to sound creation with unique saturation algorithms.
  • Link: DDMF ColourEQ

41. DSK Saxophones

  • Description: Realistic, dynamic saxophone plug-in, ideal for a variety of musical genres.
  • Link: DSK Saxophones

42. Projekt Sam’s Free Orchestra

43. Pianotone 600

  • Description: Plugin inspired by the Jen Pianotone 600 electronic keyboard from the 1970s, offering a classic analog sound.
  • Link: Pianotone 600

44. kHs ONE by Kilohearts

  • Description: kHs ONE is a free synthesizer with an analog sound engine, two main oscillators, a sub-oscillator, filter modules, envelopes, LFOs, waveshaper, chorus and delay.
  • Link: kHs ONE

45. BrainStormer

  • Description: BrainStormer is a free virtual analog synthesizer with FM and ring modulation capabilities, an excellent filter set and 2X oversampling.
  • Link: BrainStormer

46. SuperWave P8

  • Description: SuperWave P8 is capable of producing bold sounds, including Roland’s famous supersaw waveform.
  • Link: SuperWave P8

47. Fathom Mono

  • Description: Seaweed Audio’s Fathom Mono is the freeware version of the Fathom synthesizer, with the same state-of-the-art synthesis engine but without polyphony.
  • Link: Fathom Mono

48. T-Force Alpha Plus 2

  • Description: T-Force Alpha Plus 2 is a freeware synthesizer designed for the production of trance music.
  • Link: T-Force Alpha Plus 2

49. Lokomotiv

  • Description: Lokomotiv is an analog virtual synthesizer ideal for vintage synth lovers.
  • Link: Lokomotiv

50. Blocks Base

  • Description: Blocks Base is a free modular synthesis starter kit from Native Instruments.

Link: Blocks Base

51. Soonth Blocks

  • Description: Soonth Blocks is an easy-to-use modular synthesizer for beginners.
  • Link: Soonth Blocks

52. OctaSine

  • Description: OctaSine is an open-source FM synth VST plugin.
  • Link: OctaSine

53. Shreddage 3 Stratus

  • Description: Shreddage 3 Free is a free electric guitar VST plugin. It’s an NKS plugin, which means you need to install Kontakt (also free) to use it. On the free version of Shreddage 3, you won’t have all the options found on paid VSTs, but it may be more than enough for some uses. I’m very happy to have found a free electric guitar VST of this quality.
  • Link: Shreddage 3 Stratus

54. OB-Xd

  • Description: OB-Xd is inspired by the Oberheim OB-X analog synthesizer and faithfully recreates its sound and character.
  • Link: OB-Xd

55. ABS3D Looper

  • Description: Based on Nick Collins’ automatic breakbeat cutting methods. Simply load a sample and break it! Ideal for IDM, BreakBeat, Jungle, D&Bass.
  • Link: ABS3

56. Serum from Xfer Records

  • Description: Serum is a popular and powerful wavetable synthesizer, offering an intuitive interface and advanced modulation capabilities.
  • Link: Serum【Free trial period】

57. Arturia Pigments

  • Description: Pigments combines wavetable, granular and analog synthesis, offering a visually appealing interface for rich, expressive sounds.
  • Link: Pigments Arturia【DemoFree】


  • Description: 3Sampler is an economical sampler using only 3 samples in WAV / SFZ / OGG format. It features easy note allocation, graphic visualization, attack and release controls, a unique option for multiplying the semitone interval, panning, inversion and looping, plus the ability to load sfz files with up to three samples. Ideal for drums, pluck, keys, leads and pads.
  • Link: 3Sampler

59.techno snare

  • Description: Techno Snare VSTi offers 512 techno snare drums, with the possibility of filtering high frequencies and mixing sounds. The instrument allows individual analog drift tuning for each snare drum, adding a more organic, less mechanical touch. Ideal for techno production.
  • Link: Techno Snare

60. Native Instruments Massive X

  • Description: Massive X is the next generation of the Massive wavetable synthesizer, offering enhanced modulation and effects capabilities.
  • Link: Native Instruments Massive X【DemoFree】

61. Vital Basic

  • Description: A free version of the Vital wavetable synthesizer, Vital Basic is as powerful as the paid versions, with a reduced collection of wavetables and presets.
  • Link: Vital Basic

62. Exakt Lite by Sonicbits

  • Description: Exakt Lite is a modern, intuitive four-operator FM synthesizer offering a simplified approach to FM synthesis.
  • Link: Exakt Lite

63. VCV Rack

  • Description: VCV Rack is a free modular synthesizer that lets you experiment with modular synthesis in virtual format.
  • Link: VCV Rack

64. ModulAir by Full Bucket Music

  • Description: ModulAir is a virtual modular synthesizer with up to 18 modules per patch, offering up to 64 voices of polyphony.
  • Link: ModulAir

65. HY-Poly Free

  • Description: HY-Poly Free is a subtractive synthesizer featuring versatile oscillators, multimode filters and a robust modulation section.
  • Link: HY-Poly Free

66. Charlatan by Blaukraut Engineering

  • Description: Charlatan is a simple yet powerful VST synthesizer featuring a subtractive synthesis engine with two oscillators, a multi-mode filter and two ADSR envelopes.
  • Link: Charlatan

67. PG-8X by ML-VST

  • Description: PG-8X is an emulation of the Roland JX-8P synthesizer, offering warm pads, fat bass sounds and analog leads.
  • Link: PG-8X

68. Crystal by Green Oak

  • Description: Crystal is a semi-modular synthesizer that combines subtractive and FM synthesis, offering extensive modulation capabilities and a selection of built-in effects.
  • Link: Crystal

69. VK-1 Viking Synthesizer by Blamsoft

  • Description: VK-1 Viking emulates the Moog Voyager synthesizer, offering morphable oscillators, a pair of ladder filters, and a collection of presets.
  • Link: VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

70. Cobalt by Leslie Sanford

  • Description: Cobalt mimics the hybrid digital synthesizers of the ’80s, such as the Korg DW8000 and Ensoniq ESQ-1, offering 26 digital waveforms and an analog filter.
  • Link: Cobalt

71. Pendulate by Newfangled Audio

  • Description: Pendulate uses oscillator technology based on the physical properties of a double pendulum, offering a robust modulation architecture for unique sounds.
  • Link: Pendulate

72. Sonatina Orchestra

  • Description: Sonatina Orchestra is a free VST plugin for novice composers, offering a library of orchestral samples for the virtual creation of orchestrations.
  • Link: Sonatina Orchestra

73. Keyzone Classic

  • Description: Keyzone Classic is a VST piano plugin offering acoustic samples of different pianos, perfect for adding a soft piano touch in the background.
  • Link: Keyzone Classic

74. Plogue Sforzando

  • Description: Sforzando is a powerful sample player for creating and sharing instruments in the royalty-free SFZ file format.
  • Link: Plogue Sforzando

75. Simple Sound Delay Plugin

  • Description: A VST and AAX signal delay plugin for use in any DAW to delay audio signals with great precision.
  • Link: Simple Sound Delay

76. Tube Amplifier Plugin

  • Description: Tube Amplifier applies an asymmetrical tube triode overdrive, ideal for experienced music composers.
  • Link: Tube Amplifier

77. Ozone Imager V2

  • Description: Ozone Imager V2 is a VST plugin giving total control over sound width, with vectorscope indicators and a “Stereoize” function to transform mono sounds into stereo.
  • Link: Ozone Imager V2

78. RS-W2395c by Fuse Audio Labs

  • Description: RS-W2395c is a classic Baxandall equalizer, perfect for creating audio effects for rock music.
  • Link: RS-W2395c

79. Acid Man

  • Description: Acid Man is an ACID music-oriented synthesizer, offering 2 stereo oscillators, a filter section, modulation with ADSR, 12 presets, a portamento function, all in a light CPU footprint. Ideal for creating punchy ACID sounds.
  • Link:Acid Man

80. TAL-Elek7ro

  • Description: A virtual analog synthesizer with special features such as frequency modulation and oscillator synchronization.
  • Link: TAL-Elek7ro

81. MinimogueVA

  • Description: An emulation of the classic Minimoog, including additional features such as aftertouch control and delay.
  • Link: MinimogueVA


  • Description: Offers classic chip tune sounds from the late 80s and early 90s.
  • Link: JuceOPLVSTI

83. Sinnah VST

  • Description: Sinnah is based on a single oscillator, featuring different waveforms and a delay matrix, as well as a stereo subtractive filter.
  • Link: Sinnah VST

84. Synister VST

  • Description: The user interface is divided into sections such as Oscillators, Envelopes, LFOs, Filters, FX and Step Sequencers, making it easy to find the right sound.
  • Link: Synister VST

85. Free Alpha

  • Description: A synthesizer with two oscillators, a modulation matrix and clear, clean pads and basses.
  • Link: Free Alpha

86. Acid Zone Retro

  • Description: Acid Zone Retro is a monophonic bass synthesizer with a single oscillator, reminiscent of the DIY analog synthesizers of the past. Easy to program, with synthesis parameters accessible directly from the front panel, the AZR-01 lets you sculpt sound instantly by adjusting the knobs. Supplied with 32 presets, this synth features a sequencer derived from community patterns, with exclusive modifications for a unique sonic experience.

87. Acidrack

  • Description: The Analog Virtual Synthesizer is a small but powerful instrument offering 6 voices, versatile oscillators, multimode filter, 3 envelopes, 1-2 LFOs, arpeggiator and random generator for extensive sonic possibilities.
  • Link: Acidrack

88. 303-alpha

  • Description:303-Alpha is a monophonic bass synth featuring two VCO waveforms (Saw, Pulse) with infinite crossfading, a 24 dB low-pass filter, two ADSR envelopes, full MIDI control, and a delay function for unlimited creativity.
  • Link: 303-alpha

89. Neurobot

  • Description: Neurobot is a simple yet powerful bass synthesizer. With basic waveforms such as square, saw, pulse and saw-pulse, this plugin uses phase-distortion oscillation to create punchy bass. It offers a range of envelopes for amplification, modulation and filtering, as well as a synchronization LFO with different waveforms and speeds for dynamic modulations. The two filters, one of which is a Moog filter, add thickness to the sound, while the built-in equalizer and the sound bank with 64 presets designed by T. E. King offer optimum flexibility to your sound palette.
  • Link: Neurobot

90.Korzenie Kick

  • Description: Korzenie Kick is a plugin dedicated to kick drum sounds. It features 3 distinct layers (body, midrange and FM/noise), each with its own pitch and volume envelopes. Curve options offer total flexibility for adjusting the attack and decay of the sound. Create punchy kicks with precision.
  • Link: Korzenie Kick

91 Alionoctis

  • Description: AlioNoctisc ‘is a VSTi synthesizer that generates textures and ambient sounds. Designed by HG Fortune, this plugin goes beyond all others in terms of sound. Like most HG Fortune synthesizers, it offers lively atmospheres, textures and layers, as well as rhythmic sounds. All this can be enriched by the outstanding flavors of Inferno, Spooks and, of course, the highly efficient bass amplifier.
  • Link: Alionoctis


  • Description: 4 Tune is a synthesizer from Noizefield, a VST that aims to recreate the modern sounds of electronic music. Composed of several oscillators, it reproduces basses and leads as powerful and qualitative as those of paid VSTs.
  • Link: 4TUNE

93. Rave generator

  • Description: Rave Generator is a free sample-based plugin, but it doesn’t work like conventional samplers. It includes over 150 sounds inspired by 90s raves.
  • Link: Rave generator

94. T-Force Alpha plus

  • Description: T-Force Alpha Plus, designed by Mastercode Audio, is a synthesizer focused primarily on the sounds of Trance music. It features several oscillators and integrated effects such as Gate to make your melodies rich and powerful. The sounds offered by this synthesizer are often used in many classic Trance and Techno tracks.
  • Link: T-Force Alpha plus

95.KickMe! Too

  • Description: KickMe! Too is an easy-to-control bass drum generator for powerful, punchy kicks. Developed by Adern, it is a recreation of the original KickMe! synthesizer designed for the Scope platform. The synthesizer was built with SynthMaker, but uses our own oscillators, envelopes and MIDI control for a special punch.
  • Link: KickMe! Too


  • Description: Bass-Cruncher is a monophonic bass line synthesizer with a “Quitschigem” low-pass filter similar to the TB-303. It features a single oscillator with saw/pulse waveforms, a low-pass filter with resonance, a Drive mode (Soft/Hard since version 1.1) and a 16-step filter step sequencer.
  • Link: Basscruncher


  • Description: BassMatrix is an emulation of the Roland TB-303 bass. This synthesizer aims to reproduce the classic sound of the TB-303 bass synth, while offering a simple interface for pattern programming. MIDI playback lets you play any note, while key synchronization creates an arpeggiator effect. For optimum use with your DAW, host synchronization is recommended, allowing you to change patterns with MIDI notes. Internal synchronization is also available for stand-alone use with automatic pattern change in live mode.


  • Description: S3K is a monophonic synthesizer full of attitude. Supplied with 64 excellent Himalaya presets, S3K attempts to fuse retro sounds with bold modernity. For optimum effect, be sure to use the modulation wheel to its full potential. With features such as octave, ring modulator, arpeggiators, echo, phase and reverb effects.
  • Link: S3K


  • Description: Screamer is a small synthesizer reminiscent of the legendary TB-303 in both sound and functionality. Rather simple sound generation (VCO), a low-pass filter (VCF) and envelope decay control (VCA), combined with a 16-step sequencer, form the basis of this plugin.
  • Link: Screamer


  • Description: K700 is a dual synthesizer designed to create rich sound textures. K700 features 2 totally independent lines that can be used in a multitimbral way to generate a truly complex sound. Equally capable of producing punchy leads, sumptuous pads or thrilling arpeggios, K700 comes with a full bank of excellent Himalaya presets.
  • Link: K700

In short, this compilation of 100 free VSTs offers a diverse range of tools for techno producers, covering aspects such as synthesis, effects, virtual instruments and much more. These plugins offer an exceptional opportunity to explore and enrich your sound palette without compromising your budget. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out in the world of techno, this free collection is an invaluable resource for stimulating your creativity and taking your music production to new heights. Take advantage of these free VSTs and immerse yourself in the exciting world of electronic music creation.

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