The 15 Best Music Download Sites for DJs: Explore Free and Paid Options!

Before diving into the 15 best music download sites for DJs, we recommend you read the sections below for a complete background…

About this list (it’s not just for DJs)

Listed below are the 15 best music download sites, where you can legally download high-quality digital music files. Although most of these sites require a purchase, some also offer free downloads or a mix of both.

This site is for anyone who has a digital music collection, or is just starting to build one. It’s not just for DJs, but for all music lovers who want to own their own digital collection.

1: Beatport (Paid)

Beatport is the largest online music store for DJs in the electronic music world, making it an excellent place to start. As market leader, Beatport offers a vast catalog of tracks available in MP3 format or as lossless WAV and AIFF files (the latter are more expensive).

The site offers 30 different categories of electronic dance, each with its own top 100. If you prefer, you can also use the “DJ Charts” tab to find tracks filtered by genre. This will usually display a DJ’s top 10 tracks.

Beatport also offers a wide selection of DJ” tools, used for samples, drops, DJ intros and more. You can also follow your favorite artists and labels.

Visit their website here

Beatport also offers a streaming service for DJs, called Beatport Streaming, for which you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee. It allows DJs to broadcast their entire catalog in professional DJ software.

List of Beatport genres/categories (A-Z)

140 / Deep Dubstep / GrimeIndie Dance
Afro HouseJackin House
Bass / ClubMain stage
Bass HouseMelodic House & ; Techno
Breaks / Breakbeat / UK BassMinimal / Deep Tech
Dance / Electro PopNu-Disco / Disco
Deep HouseOrganic House / Downtempo
Drum & ; BassProgressive house
Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)Tech House
ElectronicaTechno (peak time/driving)
Funky HouseTechno (raw/deep/hypnotic)
Hard Dance / HardcoreTrance (main floor)
Hard TechnoTrance (raw/deep/hypnotic)
HouseTrap / Wave
 UK Garage / Baseline

2: Traxsource (Paid)

Traxsource is similar to Beatport in many ways. It offers 19 different musical categories covering their interpretation of electronic music, with a penchant for house music.

Like Beatport, Traxsource also offers “Top 100” rankings for its various categories, as well as “DJ Tops 10”, which are similar to the DJ Charts. Traxsource also offers a wide selection of DJ tools, acapella and other useful products for working DJs, plus the ability to track your favorite artists and labels.

With prices similar to Beatport’s, at around US$1.50 per track, the website itself has a very clean look and is extremely user-friendly – more so than Beatport, some would say. Visit their website here.

List of Traxsource genera/categories

HouseLounge / Chill Out
Deep HouseAfro / Latin / Brazilian
Soulful HouseBroken Beat / Nu-Jazz
Afro HouseProgressive House
Nu-Disco / Indie DanceElectro House
Jackin HouseMinimal / Deep Tech
Tech HouseElectronica
Classic houseR&B / Hip Hop
Soul / Funk / Disco 

3: Volumo (Paying)

Volumo is the newest music download store on our list. Focusing on the underground side of electronic music, it offers 32 different genres as well as tools for DJ...

Volumo has a ton of interesting features that the market leaders simply don’t have. With a more community-minded approach, users can create their own DJ profiles and charts, which we really like. What’s more, the pieces cost around 30% less, and even 50% less when bought in bulk.

Like Bandcamp (see no. 5), the company enables producers and record companies to set a fair price for their music, while facilitating the distribution of lesser-known artists’ music on the platform.

If you’re looking for an underground electronics store that offers an alternative ecosystem to the main sites, this is it. As with Beatport and Traxsource, you can also follow your favorite artists and labels.

Visit the Volumo website here

List of Volumo genera/categories (A-Z)

Afro HouseHardcore / Hard DanceProgressive House
AmapianoHard TechnoPsy-Trance
Bass HouseHouseSoulful House
Breaks / BreakbeatIndie Dance / Dark DiscoSoul / R&B / Hip Hop
Deep HouseLeftfieldTech House
DJ toolsLounge / Chill OutTechno (peak hours)
Drum and BassMelodic house / TechnoTechno (Raw, Deep, Dub)
Dubstep / Bass / GrimeMicrohouseTrance
Electro (Classic / Detroit)Minimal / Deep TechUK Garage / 2-Step
Electro House / Big RoomNu-Disco / Soul / Funk 
ElectronicaOrganic House 
Funky / Jackin’ HousePhonk 

4: Junodownload (Paid)

Junodownload is a UK-based online store focusing ondance music and EDM. . Covering 20 different genre categories, it has a huge, regularly updated database of tracks in a variety of digital formats (in addition to MP3), including high-quality WAV and FLAC files.

As well as searching directly by genre, users can search for “new releases”, “best sellers” or via the “DJ Charts” tab, all of which can be filtered by genre. Like Beatport and Traxsource, Juno offers a complete selection of instruments and DJ tools, not to mention sample packs and Stems for electronic music producers.

As a dance specialist, Juno offers slightly more original (or alternative) sub-genres, such as “Gabba” and “Scouse House”, for example. The user experience on their website is very good, and the cost per piece is generally a little lower than that of the market leaders.

Visit their website here

List of Juno genera/categories (A-Z)

Balearics / DowntempoHardcore / Style
LowHip Hop / R&B
Disco / Nu-DiscoLeftfield
Drum & ; BassPop
Dubstep / Trap / GrimeReggae
ElectroRock (All)
Euro Dance / Pop DanceTechno (including Hard Techno)
Footwork / JukeTrance
Funk Soul & JazzUK Garage

5 : Bandcamp (paid/free)

Bandcamp is a popular U.S.-based online store and music community that, as its name suggests, offers both free and paid downloads, focusing solely on artists and bands.

Known for its ethical treatment of artists, Bandcamp boasts an incredible catalog in a wide variety of genres. It’s designed to help new artists gain exposure and establish a closer bond with fans.

Without going into too much detail, you generally buy songs at a price set by the artist (which can often be free), or at a price YOU choose. The artist receives approximately 82% of these revenues.

Bandcamp also sells physical formats such as cassette, CD and vinyl, as well as artist merchandise.

Visit their website here

List of Bandcamp genres/categories

Hip Hop / RapR&B / Soul
AtmosphereBlues / Latin

6: eMusic (Paid)

eMusic is more of a “one for all” download site, in the same way that iTunes is a “one for all” download site, in the same way that iTunes is a “one for all” download site… In other words, they don’t specialize in a certain musical field, but have a massive database at their disposal.

You can buy tracks individually, generally paying less than one US dollar per track (or 0.5 euro depending on the site). You can also take out a monthly subscription for just 30 cents per title.

The site could be of interest to music lovers (or DJs) who enjoy a wide variety of genres, or perhaps someone looking for a cheaper alternative to iTunes. It has a user-friendly interface and a mobile application (which we haven’t tried).

Visit their website here

List of eMusic genres/categories

Rock / AlternativeFolk / Country
PopSoul / Funk / R&B
MetalBig Band / Swing
PunkReggae / Dub / Ska
Hip HopWorld
ElectronicsAmbient / Instrumental

7: Bleep (Paid)

Based in London, Bleep is an independent online store featuring music by independent artists and labels. As well as offering digital downloads (MP3, WAV or FLAC files), they also sell and distribute cassettes, CDs and vinyl.

Bleep defines itself as an electronic/alternative label. While they offer many familiar genres such as House, Electro and R&B, etc., they also cover slightly more obscure/niche genres such as “modern classical”, “metal” and “Krautrock” for example.

The site could appeal to music lovers with more eclectic tastes, or those looking for more than just a digital offering. Customer service is good, and you’ll generally pay around $1.5 per track (unless you buy an album).

Visit their website here

List of Bleep genres/categories

Electronics, Electro, Acid and BraindanceAmbient, Modern Classical, Experimental and Noise
House & TechnoJazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Afrobeat, Folk and traditional music
Bass, Grime, Dubstep and FootworkAlternative, Minimal Wave and Metal
Beats, Hip Hop and R&BNew Age and Krautrock

8: Jamendo (Free)

Jamendo is one of the best free music download sites for DJs. The world’s largest “legal” digital free music service. All free downloads are made possible by “Creative Commons” licenses, meaning that the artists have approved their free distribution.

Once you’ve opened a free account (make sure you select the “Jamendo Music” option, not “Jamendo Licensing”), you’ll have access to their vast community. From here, you can interact with artists, create your own playlists, build your personal music library and even publish content.

It’s certainly not a bad starting point for a music lover looking to start a collection without money, but it may not be the final destination for a serious music professional. The site also offers music for commercial use, for a fee.

Visit their website here

By making their music available free of charge, artists can earn money through licensing contracts for TV and film through “Jamendo Licensing”.

List of Jamendo genres/categories

Hip HopR&B

9: Free Music Archive (FMA) (Free)

Another great free option is Free Music Archive (or FMA). With 16 different categories, they have a huge catalog of songs to choose from. Every MP3 you discover on FMA has been pre-approved for certain types of use that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws, and you can use them legally for DJ gigs.

The site is easy to use, and you don’t need to open an account to start downloading. For your information, if you’re looking for electronic music, this category has 19 related sub-genres!

You’ll probably have to spend a lot more time looking for these gems, but that’s the advantage of being free!

Visit the AAL website here

List of FMA genera/categories (A-Z)

ElectronicsOld-Time / Historical
Hip HopSoul / R&B (including Disco, Funk and Deep Funk)

10: iTunes (paid)

If you use Apple products, you may prefer the iTunes online music store for reasons of convenience and device compatibility. In general terms, it remains one of the market leaders in digital music downloads.

That said, from a DJ’s point of view, competing music management applications (DJ software) have become much more sophisticated in recent years, and iTunes has become much less relevant than it once was.

While it’s probably not the best place for DJs to buy their music, it does have one of the largest databases in existence.

Download iTunes here

Apple also offers a streaming service called Apple Music, which competes with Spotify, Amazon Music and others.

11: SoundCloud (free)

Better known as a streaming platform (at least in terms of consumption), SoundCloud is a place where DJs and music producers can upload their music. Its interface and navigation are user-friendly. is still considered by some to be an ideal place to find “hard-to-find” or even undiscovered artists, tracks and editions.

Although it takes more patience and research to find titles worthy of a collection, there’s no shortage of free downloads if you’re willing to look. Once you’ve opened a free account, go to the “more” drop-down menu under the waveforms of any song. If it’s available for download, there will be a “download file” option. Visit their website here.

You can also stream SoundCloud content to certain professional DJ software applications using a recording function.

SoundCloud Go+ subscription.

12: Soundclick (Free/Paying)

Operating since 1997, SoundClick’s mission is to work on behalf of artists… to make their music easily accessible online. As artists generally set their own prices, you’ll find an impressive number of free downloads here, and you can also buy tracks and albums.

If you click on “Music” in the main menu, the various genres (15 categories) appear. Then click on a genre and you’ll see another drop-down list of subgenres – there’s a LOT to see!

You don’t need an account to access the free downloads, but if you open one (it’s free), you can follow artists, create personalized playlists and network with other users. Once again, you may have to dig a little deeper to get quality tracks, but we’ll let you be the judge.

Visit the Soundclick website here

List of Soundclick genres/categories

ElectronicsUrban / R&B
Hip HopWorld
Beats and instrumentals 

13: Amazon (paid/free)

Although it’s not aimed at DJs and doesn’t specialize in a particular style of music (like iTunes), some may wish to use Amazon for convenience if you’re already using the website for other reasons.

They have a massive database and offer many free downloads in addition to paid ones. They also sell CDs and vinyl. You can filter a search in a number of ways, by genre, popularity, release date or alphabetical order of artists/albums.

To browse your computer, first select “digital music” from the drop-down menu on the left of the search bar, then click on “Search”. Then hover over “buy music” and click on “download store” below.

Here is the direct link

As you probably know, Amazon also has a streaming service called Amazon Music, which competes with Spotify and Apple Music.

14: BeatStars (free)

BeatStars is a site where artists can sell and license their music. As its name suggests, it focuses on hip-hop, r&b and bass music. As popular as the site is, it doesn’t really cater to the consumer market (at least not digital DJs) – although you can still get plenty of free MP3 downloads on the site.

Although you’ll need to open an account before you can download, you can always browse the site to take a look. If you hover over “tracks” in the main menu, then click on “free beats”, you can search for all free downloads by genre.

Visit the BeatStar website here

List of BeatStar genres/categories

Hip HopElectronics

15: Boomkat (Paying)

Based in the UK, Boomkat is an independent online record store that has been in business since 2002. While it also sells CDs, cassettes and vinyl records, the site has no shortage of digital downloads.

Prices can vary considerably (in pounds sterling), and you have the option of buying higher-quality WAV and FLAC files in addition to MP3s.

Even if it’s not the most modern website in the world, it’s still fun and easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. What’s more, it boasts a fairly large and diverse electronic database, another potential ecosystem for DJs.

Visit the Boomkat website here

List of Boomkat genera/categories (A-Z)

Dub TechnoGrime
Beats / Hip HopIndie / Alternative
Dark Ambient / Drone / MetalIndustrial / Wave / Electro
Disco / Boogie / FunkJazz / Fusion
Dub / ReggaeJungle / Footwork
ElectronicsClassic modern / Ambient
Extreme / Noise / Computer MusicTechno / House
Folk / RootsWorld

Summary: 15 best music download sites for DJs

To sum up, here are the 15 best music download sites for DJs:

This distinction gives you a clear overview of the different options available, whether on paid or free platforms.

Paid PlatformsFree Platforms
TraxsourceFree Music Archive (FMA)

Source of the list: The DJ Revolution

In conclusion, this list of the 15 best music download sites for DJs offers a diversity of options to meet the varied needs of music professionals. Whether you’re looking for paid platforms to access exclusive catalogs or free options to explore new talent, these sites are a valuable resource for enriching your music collection. Each of these sites has its own unique characteristics, and by exploring them you can discover the perfect music to accompany your performances and creative projects.

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