Roland Fantom-06 synthesizer review

Check out the Roland demo video , which explains all the features of this little gem!

The Roland Fantom-06 is a new star among synthesizers, designed to appeal to musicians, producers and synthesizer enthusiasts alike. With 61 semi-weighted keys and a host of advanced features, this model promises to revolutionize the world of techno music. But what is it really? Here’s a full review to discover everything the Roland Fantom-06 has to offer.

Design and feel

Keyboard and ergonomics

The Roland Fantom-06 is equipped with 61 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys. This keyboard offers a dynamic response that will delight demanding pianists. Although it has no aftertouch, it enables expressive, responsive playing. The control layout is intuitive, with a 5.5″ color touchscreen and encoders and faders for real-time control of sounds, mixers and effects.

Polyphony and sound capabilities

One of the highlights of the Roland Fantom-06 is its 256-voice polyphony. This makes it possible to play complex compositions without the risk of cutting notes. The Fantom-06 features several sound engines: ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL Acoustic, SuperNATURAL Electric Piano and VTW Organ. These motors offer impressive sonic variety and versatility for all musical genres.

Effects and extensions

This synthesizer is expandable with Roland EXZ, EXSN and EXM extensions, and features over 3500 sound presets and over 90 drum kits. With 90 different types of effects, including equalizers, part-based multi-effects, compressors and a 32-band stereo vocoder, the Fantom-06 offers extensive sound customization and high-quality audio processing.

Sequencing and sampling functions

Advanced sequencer

The Roland Fantom-06’s sequencer features 16 MIDI tracks, with real-time and step-by-step recording functions, as well as TR-Drum programming. The Rhythm Pattern, Arpeggiator and Chord Memory functions provide great flexibility for composing and arranging.

Integrated sampling

The Fantom-06 pad sampler can sample up to 60 minutes of sound, with 8 voices (16 pads x 4 banks). This feature is ideal for producers wishing to integrate custom samples into their compositions. Sample import/export is also supported, making it easy to integrate external sounds.

Connectivity and integration

Interfaces and connectors

The Roland Fantom-06 features a 32×4 (24-bit/96kHz) USB audio interface, with AIRA Link support via Roland MX-1 and compatibility with Roland Cloud Manager. It offers native integration with software such as Logic Pro, MainStage and Ableton Live, making it particularly smooth to use in the studio.

Ports and outputs

Connectivity options include a balanced main output on 6.3 mm jack, two sub outputs on 6.3 mm jack, and headphone outputs on 6.3 mm jack and 3.5 mm mini jack. There are also three pedal and footswitch inputs on 6.3 mm jack, a microphone input on 6.3 mm jack, two line inputs on 6.3 mm jack, two USB-A ports for external devices and a USB-B port for computer connection.

Performance and portability

Live use

Weighing just 6 kg, the Roland Fantom-06 is easy to transport, ideal for musicians on the move. Its robustness and build quality make it a wise choice for live performances, offering both reliability and sonic diversity.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • 256-voice polyphony.
  • Wide variety of sound engines.
  • Numerous powerful effects.
  • Advanced sequencer.
  • Integrated sampling.
  • Extended connectivity.


  • Some dated acoustic sounds.
  • Limited to 4 sound layers per tone.
  • Static pads limited to 4 banks of 16 samples.


The Roland Fantom-06 is undoubtedly a high-quality synthesizer, suitable for both professional musicians and enlightened amateurs. Its sonic flexibility, advanced sequencing capabilities and ease of integration make it a powerful tool for all stages of musical creation.

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Discover the Roland Fantom-06 and give free rein to your musical creativity!

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