Test & Reviews of Arturia’s MiniFuse 2 Sound Card

Are you looking for a small, lightweight, easy-to-use interface for your audio recordings? French brand Arturia has seized on the growing demand for on-the-fly, and is now rolling out a compact range with its MiniFuse series. On paper, the MiniFuse 2 sound card makes audio recording accessible to all, and is accompanied by an impressive range of software. But what is this audio interface model really worth?

Arturia MiniFuse 2 audio interface: what features should you expect?

With its compact dimensions, the Arturia MiniFuse 2 audio sound card dispenses with some of the features and connectors of previous versions, concentrating instead on lightness and intuitiveness. This single-channel audio interface is designed for the home studio, prioritizing sound quality over a variety of connection options, and presenting itself as a plug’n’play solution within everyone’s reach. In concrete terms, the Arturia MiniFuse 2 interface offers the following possibilities:

  • ¼” XLR / jack combo inputs for connecting a microphone or instrument cable;
  • backlit controls warn when the signal is too high;
  • a gain control to adjust the level of the microphone or instrument;
  • aninstrument level switch that toggles between line and instrument levels for a clear, coherent signal;
  • Adjustable main output volume via monitor level control ;
  • a48V phantom power switch for connecting microphones that operate with a phantom power supply;
  • headphone output with jack and volume control;
  • USB-C connection for secure connection to your computer;
  • a USB-A hub connection for connecting USB peripherals (e.g. MIDI controllers) without using a port on your computer;
  • left and right monitor outputs for connecting your speakers.
  • MIDI IN & OUT outputs for controlling and commanding your instruments via the MIDI port.

What’s the real value of Arturia’s MiniFuse 2?

With this lightweight (500 grams for the MiniFuse 2!) and intuitive range of equipment, Arturia is primarily targeting beginners and hobbyists with minimal needs in terms of features and connections. With its excellent sound quality/price ratio, this audio interface is an excellent choice for getting started in the world of home-studio recording without breaking the bank, or giving up quality work. The MiniFuse 2 interface boasts excellent linearity, astonishing sound clarity and a dynamic range that’s quite astonishing for this price range.

Its compact size, ergonomic design and cover make it ideal for use on the move, while retaining all settings. The vast array of software available on the interface is sure to convince you. You’ll enjoy Analog Lab Intro, Ableton Live Lite, Guitar Rig 6 LE, Splice Creator Plan and Auto-Tune Unlimited, with a free 3-month trial offer for the latter two. And last but not least, installation and future upgrades are made much easier thanks to support designed for even the most novice among you. From design to software installation, everything has been designed to facilitate access to recording and sound creation. Arturia makes the foray into the world of sound recording less intimidating, that’s for sure!


If you’re a professional recordist, the MiniFuse 2 from Arturia is bound to be frustratingly basic. However, this equipment is perfectly suited to beginners in the world of sound, as well as to youtubers and podcasters on a limited budget. The quality of the sound will enable us to provide a professional level of ensemble work for the various distribution platforms. For 139 euros, you get ease-of-use and intuitiveness without sacrificing quality!

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