TechnoMag Available on Mobile Application

Discover a new feature from TechnoMag, your medium for techno music. Embark on an adventure at your fingertips with TechnoMag’s mobile app, now available to you!

What’s new : TechnoMag Mobile Application

Discover the world of TechnoMag in a new light with our recently launched mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. This application, closely linked to our website, immerses you in the dynamic world of electronic music, with news, exclusive interviews and event coverage. Enjoy easy access to our full agenda, including parties and techno festivals, and stay connected at all times with frequent, relevant updates.

The future of TechnoMag

The TechnoMag mobile application represents a small step in our evolution. We have even more ambitious plans to enrich your experience of the world of techno music, hoping to reach as many people as possible around this universe so that one day we can realize our dreams and offer you the chance to “Raver” too.

In the minds of TechnoMag’s founders, all passionate about electronic music, was the desire to create a platform dedicated to accessibility and information sharing around the world of techno music. And so TechnoMag was born. However, the ambition of this medium goes beyond the simple dissemination of information on techno. Our aim is to bring together an ever-growing community, driven by a common desire to help techno culture evolve, not only through information but also by sharing experiences.

As passionate fans of all styles of electronic music, the atmosphere of festivals and the magical moments created by these events, I can assure you that the future is full of promise. Your support has enabled our audience to grow steadily, and we sincerely hope that you will remain by our side for this wonderful adventure. Together, we’ll be writing the next chapters in the history of techno music. Our hope is growing stronger and our conviction more solid every week.

If you don’t already follow us on social networks, here’s a reminder: every subscription is important to us, and we’re determined to give it back to you in return. Thanks again <3

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