Review of the DDJ-REV5 controller from flagship brand Pioneer DJ

One of the latest additions to the REV series, the Pioneer DJ brand unlocks the next level of fun for creative scratch-loving DJs. For a few weeks now, the DDJ-REV5 has been making a name for itself on the sound and nightlife markets, with a rather attractive price tag and some interesting features. Find out more about this new controller from the famous Japanese brand.

Pioneer DJ and the authentic scratch experience

Scratchers know that Pioneer DJ has been developing a range of scratch-oriented equipment for years. With the DDJ-REV5, Pioneer DJ is no exception. The controller features large jog wheels, as well as a MAGVEL FADER whose robustness and fluidity enable more precise, yet richer, scratch control. Thanks to its responsiveness, every one of your micro-movements is translated, giving you an experience faithful to your intentions, for a complex scratch that matches your ambitions. Beyond the authentic scratch experience offered by the DDJ-REV5 controller, this two-channel device boasts a host of innovative features.

Customize jogging with the Jog Feel function

The DDJ-REV5 controller features the Jog Feel function, which allows you to customize the feel of the jog wheel. By controlling its resistance, and therefore its “weight”, you’ll be able to find the adjustment that suits you best, for more instinctive, smoother scratching.

Auto BPM Transition

The Auto BPM transition function is ideal for creating smooth, harmonious transitions between musical genres with very different tempos. You select the number of bars you want to make your transition, and at the touch of a button, the tempo of the track being played gradually changes to match the beat of the next piece of music. Open-format DJs will also appreciate the Scratch-style layout, with tempo sliders positioned horizontally, just above the turntables, and Performance Pads and Lever FX in the mixer area. This set-up is reminiscent of the PLX turntable and DJM-S mixer configuration, a classic open-format feature.

Stem control

Thanks to dedicated buttons for easy Stem control, you can improvise mash-ups and remixes to suit the mood and your live inspiration. This makes the DDJ-REV5 a fine, flexible tool that leaves plenty of room for improvisation, adaptability and imaginative, spontaneous mixing.

Piano Play

The Piano Play mode takes your mixing skills to a new dimension: the 16 pads are transformed into real piano keys! This feature opens up new performance potential, as you can launch cue points in different semitones and give free rein to your creativity with the piano keys.

Optimum connectivity

The DDJ-REV5 is plug-and-play compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox software, which you simply connect to and start mixing. The controller features two USB-C ports for PC and Mac, perfect for easily switching DJs during the evening: just press a button to switch from one set to another. It features a Mic input, two AUX inputs and two RCA Master outputs. Last but not least, its two XLR Master outputs are perfect for professional DJ installations.

So what’s the value of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5?

A perfect blend of traditional analog design and digital advances, the DDJ-REV5 is an excellent catalyst for creativity and quality mixing. It’s perfect for open-format DJs and creative types in general. It offers very good value for money, as you can have it for €1115 when the REV-7 hovers around €2,000. In short, this is a very good mid-range model that keeps its promises to inventive DJs!

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