Numark Mixstream Pro GO : Test & Review of this stand-alone DJ controller

What’s the Numark Mixstream Pro GO stand-alone DJ controller worth? This brand has a proven track record of solidity and reliability. If you’re looking for a WIFI connection to facilitate your DJ sets, you’re probably considering investing in this model. To help you make your choice, Technomag tells you more about the wireless controller revolution!

Numark Mixstream Pro GO: what features does this standalone DJ controller have?

With the launch of a stand-alone wireless DJ controller, Numark offers a great promise for beginners and amateur DJs. With WIFI operation, the MixstreamPro GO can stream music via Amazon Music Unlimited, as well as TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go+ and Dropbox. It features built-in speakers and a high-definition touchscreen for easy set management. You can also connect your device to your Philips Hue lighting, so that the visual ambience adds another dimension to your mixing sessions. Its rechargeable battery provides 5 h of autonomy, so you can mix anywhere without worrying about power. On the technical side, here are the features you’ll find on the Numark Mixstream pro GO :

  • integrated Engine DJ operating system for computer-free two-way performance;
  • controller mode compatible with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ ;
  • tactile trays with Smart Scratch function, which makes scratching easy while keeping the rhythm;
  • four performance pads on each deck;
  • one filter and one 3-band equalizer per channel;
  • four different performance modes with Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll ;
  • jack microphone input ;
  • two USB ports and an SD card slot.

Who is the Mixstream pro GO designed for?

The Numark Mixstream pro GO stand-alone controller is a great low-cost compromise for novice beginner DJ or intermediate DJs. If you like to mix outdoors, you’ll appreciate its several hours of autonomy. The large jogwheels make for easy handling, and the ability to stream your music is a real game-changer. With prices starting from 800 euros, you’ll be able to take advantage of intuitive, high-quality semi-professional equipment without panicking your banker. Among the advantages of this Numark model, you’ll also find its incredible ease of installation, making it a technological nugget for the general public.

Numark Mixstream pro GO: some disadvantages to be aware of before making your choice

As you’d expect, the Mixstream pro Go DJ controller comes with a few drawbacks. The most creative DJs will no doubt find that the effects are rather limited. While this may not be an argument against beginners, it can quickly become a source of frustration for others!
Secondly, the size of the font, which shrinks with the number of tracks selected in the library, can be a major hindrance to the controller’s fluidity of use. On the other hand, the built-in loudspeakers don’t offer optimal quality, but this drawback can be easily remedied. Many Numark Mixstream pro GO users will prefer to connect high-quality speakers, even consumer ones such as those offered by Bose or JBL, in order to benefit from a more powerful and pleasant sound.
Finally, the positioning of these integrated speakers is also debatable, as they are right where the DJ usually places his hands. But all you need to do to solve this minor problem is to adopt some new habits!


Numark Mixstream pro GO combines mobility and quality admirably. It’s a full-featured piece of equipment that can be used for high-flying sound and light sets, whether you’re in the semi-professional or amateur sphere . So Numark takes a big step into the era of WIFI DJing with a handsome device that’s well worth its 800-euro price tag!

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