Introducing the online DJ DAW

The constant evolution of the DJing world is accompanied by a bold innovation: DJ.Studio, a revolutionary online DAW. Designed for DJs, radio hosts and playlist creators, this tool redefines the art of mixing by offering an innovative approach. Enabling fast and accurate creation of smooth mixes, DJ.Studio introduces a DAW-style timeline, AI-powered automix, and much more. Discover how this platform is rethinking the DJ experience, opening up new creative horizons for novices while appealing to seasoned professionals.

DJ.Studio overview

DJ.Studio is emerging as an essential nugget in the world of online DJing. Designed for DJs, radio hosts, podcasters and playlist enthusiasts, this revolutionary tool aims to simplify the creation of smooth, precise mixes. Featuring a DAW-style timeline interface, DJ.Studio lets users sculpt flawless transitions and customize their mixes without tedious repetition.

Its revolutionary chronology offers unparalleled flexibility, while AI-powered Automix simplifies chord calculations for perfect harmonic sequences.

Revolutionary chronology

DJ.Studio’s revolutionary timeline redefines the art of mixing by introducing an innovative approach to the DJ world. Away from the constraints of live mixing, this DAW-style feature offers unrivalled flexibility. DJs, radio hosts and playlist creators can sculpt exceptionally fluid transitions, rearrange the order of playlists, and refine their mixes over time without the constraints of live performance.
Far from the physical constraints of turntables, DJ.Studio offers an unlimited playground for creative expression. This revolutionary timeline, unique on the DJ software scene, opens up new perspectives for amateurs and professionals alike, putting musical creation at the forefront, with no limits imposed by the spontaneity of traditional mixing.

Online DJing with YouTube

DJ.Studio pushes back the boundaries by integrating an infinite music library via YouTube, making DJing accessible to everyone, even without downloaded music. This innovative feature allows users to explore and mix tracks directly from YouTube videos or tracks published on YouTube Music.

You can import your YouTube playlists directly into DJ Studio and start creating your perfect playlist for your DJ set, while discovering new tracks. DJing with YouTube opens up an unlimited dimension for mix creators, offering unparalleled musical variety and expanding users’ creative potential.

AI-enhanced automatic mixing

The “Automix” function is the backbone of DJ.Studio, giving users unprecedented DJ powers at the click of a button. This revolutionary feature simplifies the mixing process by taking care of all chord calculations.

Automix’s exclusive algorithm analyzes the musical tonality and BPM of each track, orchestrating an optimal harmonic arrangement. This automatic approach gives DJs more time for creative expression and spontaneity, while guaranteeing impeccable musical sequences.

Transition editor

DJ.Studio’s transition editor redefines mix creation with a cutting-edge approach. By offering DJs an extensive palette of parameters, this revolutionary tool enables the creation of unprecedented transitions, often impossible to achieve live on physical decks.

The editor also offers a variety of presets for instant inspiration, while automation of parameters outside transitions offers advanced customization. This timeless transition editor gives artists total control over the aesthetics of their mix, transcending traditional DJing limitations.

Integration and compatibility

DJ.Studio is distinguished by its seamless integration with a host of renowned DJ applications and music libraries, including rekordbox, Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ, Engine DJ, iTunes and many others. This extended compatibility allows users to easily connect their existing DJ libraries to DJ.Studio, eliminating the need for tedious manual transfers.

Integration works both ways, allowing DJ.Studio sets to be exported to other live software. With this versatility, DJ.Studio adapts easily to existing workflows, simplifying the experience for professional DJs while offering an intuitive platform for amateurs.

Integrated video creator

DJ.Studio’s integrated video creation engine transforms the mixing experience into an immersive multimedia experience. It offers users the possibility of visualizing their mix with audio-reactive visuals, artist information, cover art, audio waveforms, text, and other captivating effects.

This video creator adds a dynamic visual dimension to each mix, creating a hypnotic visual accompaniment that enchants the audience. With its customizable video settings, DJ.Studio lets artists merge audio and visual aspects for a complete and captivating mixing experience.

Infinite export options

DJ.Studio offers a variety of infinite export options, guaranteeing optimum flexibility for artists. Whether it’s high-quality WAV or MP3 files, YouTube videos, MixClouds, or DJ Sets for importing track lists from your live sets, DJ.Studio meets every requirement.

What’s more, the ability to export projects to Ableton Live for subsequent editing and mastering adds a professional dimension. The speed of export, far faster than real time, frees artists from the constraints of the process, offering an efficient solution for sharing and distributing their creations without delay.

DJ.Studio accessibility

DJ.Studio’s accessibility sets a new standard, providing a seamless experience for new enthusiasts and seasoned DJing professionals alike. With an accessible learning curve, even novices can create a complete mix in just a few hours, without the need for prior experience with physical turntables. DJ.Studio simplifies the entire mixing process, from song discovery to distribution of the final mix.

Its powerful Automix function makes it an ideal tool for new DJs and playlist enthusiasts, requiring only musical knowledge to create outstanding mixes. On the other hand, its depth and flexibility under the hood make it the perfect choice for professional DJs looking to perfect their mixes with exquisite precision.

What does the future hold for DJ.Studio?

The biggest new feature we’re about to introduce is Beatport Streaming support, allowing you to play around with all the tracks to decide on the final playlist. We’ll be adding a mix “legalization” option, allowing you to quickly purchase tracks on Beatport and replace the streaming files in your mix with the purchased tracks, so you can export your mix in mp3, wav or video format. Next, we plan to add Stem separation to DJ.Studio.

In conclusion, DJ.Studio is a revolution in the world of online DJing, offering an innovative range of features that transcend the limits of traditional mixing. From its revolutionary timeline and AI-powered automatic mixing to its YouTube integration and built-in video creator, this tool redefines the DJing experience.

Accessible to beginners yet offering unrivalled depth for professionals, DJ.Studio demonstrates an exceptional fusion of musical creativity and advanced technology. With a promising future based on community feedback, DJ.Studio embodies the constant evolution towards new possibilities, confirming its status as a pioneer in the online DJing landscape.

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