Epic #2: 60 kW of Tekno in Lyon Scheduled for March 2, 2024

In a few words, let us tell you about Le Pèlerinage and their tekno evenings. How did it come about, and what is the fascinating story of this team dedicated to underground music?

How did they manage to bring all these talented artists together on the same evening?

The origin of pilgrimage

Just over a year ago, Pèlerinage was born from the merger of Groov’It Events and Owl Sound, two Lyon-based associations with a passion for underground music and culture. Their shared vision is to offer ever more ambitious events, focused on innovative artistic direction, featuring exclusive propositions and the promotion of emerging artists. Their commitment to sharing and accessibility remains the cornerstone of all their organizations.

L’Épopée #2: Lyon’s Unmissable Event

L’Épopée was born as a unique event, out of their desire to organize an exceptional evening at Lyon’s emblematic venue: Le Double Mixte. Over the years, this venue has witnessed many memorable evenings. Following the success of their first edition, which quickly sold out, it was inevitable for them to make this date a permanent fixture by proposing an artistic direction that reflects the essence of Pèlerinage.

This second edition promises many exclusives, with VS (versus) from Art Cène & Severus, as well as a special 6 hands from Skwer Agency with Gs.Esk & Four Handz. And for the first time in Lyon, Italian duo Neurotribe & Kokko and Moldetek will be on hand. All these exclusives will be accompanied by performances from Acid Division, Loko and our resident artists Sagan and GabyGetGet.

To build audience loyalty, the Pilgrimage team completely rethought the event, redefining the room configuration, sound system, scenography and organization. One thing’s for sure: this second edition promises to be a memorable one, and it’s clear that it won’t be the last!

Quality Line-Up Selection

How did they manage to bring all these talented artists together on the same evening? The answer lies in their desire to constantly renew themselves and avoid redundant line-ups. Although it was a considerable challenge for them, they are proud to present this exceptional line-up.

Over the years, thanks to their connections in the free party scene in France and Europe, as well as the confidence of artists and booking agencies, they have been able to constantly renew their artistic proposals. This line-up, probably their most ambitious to date, perfectly matches their vision. After the exclusives presented in the first edition, it was inevitable to maintain the level, and the public’s enthusiasm for this edition seems to confirm that they’re on the right track.

A 60 kW sound system

They are committed to providing an exceptional sound experience at the event. The decision to install a 60 kW sound system cannot have been taken lightly. This required many hours of thought on the part of their service providers and technical team. Over the years, our technicians have become increasingly skilled, enabling them to offer this type of hearing service.

Exciting Future Projects

What does the future hold for the Pilgrimage after this event? They set themselves no limits, and their events are designed with this in mind. They intend to continue offering events that reflect their personality, bearing in mind that sometimes it’s essential not to take yourself too seriously.

This summer, they plan to launch an event reminiscent of Pèlerinette 1, focusing on the “guinguette” style, featuring Eurodance, disco and funk music. What’s more, following the success of L’Épopée, they plan to announce several open air events for the summer season.

Behind the scenes, their technical teams have been working for almost a year on a new DIY sound system created in collaboration with experts in the field. What’s more, some of their team members have launched an artistic agency, SKWER AGENCY, to promote emerging artists in their field.

In conclusion, they would like to take the opportunity of this article to warmly thank their audience: “You are our driving force, and your feedback inspires us in the realization of these exceptional events. We can’t thank you enough for your trust and energy. You are the reason why the Pilgrimage continues to evolve and innovate.”

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