Alice Reize in Techno Wonderland

Alice, a 26-year-old techno and hardtechno DJ from Lorient (FR), is affiliated with the renowned French music label Jango Records.

She has released hit tracks such as “Celestia” and “Hope for life”, which opened the doors for her to sign titles on Joachim Garraud’s label, as well as on the famous Italian electronic music label, Autektone.

Since the return of face-to-face events, Alice has enjoyed a rapid rise to fame, performing throughout France and Belgium, sharing the stage with a host of illustrious artists.

Alice Reize embodies a musical journey combining acid melodies and transcendent bass lines.

Who is Alice Reize?

Alice Reize, a young underground Djane/producer, began her career performing captivating livesets in iconic venues in her native Brittany. Whether at sunset on local monuments, among the rocks of Brittany’s beaches, or even in art hangars with talented local graphic designers, his most memorable experience remains the set performed atop the Tour des Vents, in tribute to Eric Tabarly. The origin of his stage name goes back to a nickname given to him at free parties, “Alice in Wonderland”. The name “Reize” was taken from the German language, as a fervent admirer of that country’s underground music culture. It was essential for her to choose a term that evoked travel, which gave birth to “Alice Reize: Voyage d’Alice”. Electronic music has always been Alice’s obsession, and in Brittany, where free parties are still held every weekend, she has found a real passion. Proud to be part of this movement rooted in Breton culture, she quickly broke the barrier to become a DJ, and it’s now been 7 years since she touched her first vinyl. Today, his ultimate goal is to produce his own music, perpetuating the region’s underground musical tradition.


His Musical Universe

Alice Reize, the artist who embodies the musical fusion between techno and hardtechno, describes her musical style as “Cooking Techno and Hard”, a definition that suits her perfectly. His musical influences are rooted in iconic names such as Jeff Mills, Jones and Stephenson, DJ Anas, and his current universe is deeply influenced by artists like Charlotte de Witte, whose artistic vision perfectly matches his own and permeates his acid techno productions. She also draws great inspiration from Nico Moreno, in particular for his technical expertise, which is reflected in his hard mixes.

His creative process begins with the search for a mood by listening to new material on his VSTs. She then immerses herself in the creation of percussion, kicks, basslines, and finally structures her tracks by adding effects. This routine may seem a little haphazard, but it creates exceptional musical harmony.

Over the years, she has explored various digital audio workstations (FL, Studio One, and now Ableton) while surrounding herself with her trusty Arturia keyboard and her small Korg (kick, drum, mix), completed by a TD3 for acid sounds in addition to the plug-in of the TB303. His creativity was enriched by incorporating elements from other musical genres, thanks to advice and “tips” from his producer friends with more general, radio-friendly styles.

As for her DJ sets, Alice favors a high-energy approach. It tells a musical story by shaping a sonic journey, ensuring a coherent beginning and end despite variations in BPM and style, from techno to hard. If words aren’t enough to capture her approach, she warmly invites the public to come and experience one of her performances, promising an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Exclusive interview with Alice Reize

Discover Alice Reize’s frank opinion of the industry, her artistic journey, and her dreams for the future.

The evolution of the electronic music industry:

How do you see the electronic music industry evolving over the years?

It’s getting more and more complicated, it’s a real mess, everything’s going to hell with all this marketing, consumerism, fashion effects and so on. The more the music grows, the less we have to deal with it. It’s all about image, people, money of course, and social networks. Anyway, frankly, I’m going to avoid the subject because it tends to make me a little bitter.

Tips for aspiring DJs/producers:

    What advice would you give to young artists looking to break into the electronic music industry as DJ/producers?

    Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show who you are through your music! Also: never give up, full of courage.

    What technical or artistic aspects do you think are important to focus on in order to progress as a DJ/producer?

    On organization, creativity and always being interested in what’s going on elsewhere (other worlds, cities, musical themes, etc.).

    Future projects :

      What are your future plans and goals as a DJ/producer?

      Currently working on the release of my EP “The Reizer” with Bonzaï Records, the aim is to get it pressed for a vinyl release, which is already a lot, because to do that, you need to reach a certain number of “K” listeners, which isn’t easy. Otherwise, my main production objective would be to release a whole year’s worth of tracks exclusively as collaborations.

      Is there anything new or exciting you’re currently working on that you’d like to share?

      Yes, I’m on the idea of bringing out the difficulty of 100% vinyl mixes in live performances, but I’m currently working on a full skud techno, hard techno set lasting 3 hours, maybe more.

      In conclusion, our interview with Alice Reize, a leading figure on the electronic scene, revealed candid reflections on the evolution of the music industry, as well as invaluable advice for young artists seeking to break into it. Alice insists on the importance of preserving one’s artistic authenticity and persevering despite the obstacles. She also stresses the need to focus on organization, creativity, and drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to progress as a DJ/producer. As for her future projects, Alice Reize shared her ambitions, including the release of her EP “The Reizer” on vinyl and a year rich in musical collaborations. His enthusiasm for live performances and upcoming projects promises to delight fans of electronic music. Alice Reize’s musical future looks bright, combining passion, determination and a personal touch that’s sure to win over audiences.

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