Plage électro 2024: line-up, info and dates

The Cannes summer looks set to be even more resplendent in 2024. And with good reason: the next edition of the Plages Électro festival promises to be even more ambitious than its predecessors. New animations, new scenes and much more will be added. The 2024 headliners have been announced, and there’s something for everyone to get excited about, as some of rap’s biggest names are among the festival’s headliners. This article looks at the various aspects of the Plages Électro 2024 festival.

The history of the Plage Électro festival

Every summer since 2006, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes has been the venue for the world-famous electronic music festival. It’s the Plages Électro festival. The history of this event hasn’t seen any major twists and turns, but every year, a host of electronic music artists and very often modern music celebrities are invited to perform. That hasn’t changed since. A line-up of DJs and internationally-renowned artists will perform on the two stages set aside for the occasion.

Important dates

Acknowledged as France’s biggest beach party, Plages Electro is one of the biggest and best-attended festivals in France. More than 40,000 beachgoers are expected to take part in the event, on several meters of fine sand and under layers of dazzling sunshine. The constantly splashing waves add their charm to the place, and the quality of the electronic music provided for the occasion promises hyper-ambient evenings. The site’s location is a great asset, offering the chance to swim in the Mediterranean and explore the city of Cannes with its many lively streets. The 17th edition of this festival is scheduled for August 16, 17 and 18, 2024. Without a doubt, this is an event not to be missed.

Line up and musical genre

The announcement of the headliners for this year’s edition guarantees the success of the event, as the international artists who have been invited this year are rappers of international renown.
The various programs are spread over two stages: the Beach stage and the Terrace stage. The ball will be opened on the Beach stage on Friday August 16 by German DJ Boris Brejcha, nicknamed “The Man in the Mask”. Then Fisher, Gazo and finally Feder will take to the stage. On Saturday, the Terrace stage features Angie & Lazuli, Bon Entendeur, Creeds and Fiona. On the beach stage, Kaytranada, Mosimann and Timmy Trumpet will be on hand. Finally, on Sunday August 18, the beach stage will be reserved for SCH, Paul Kalkrenner, Lost Frequencies and Apashe with Brass Orchestra, while the Terrace stage will be occupied by Miel de Montagne and Nico Moreno.
In all, some sixty artists will take to the stage to contribute to the effectiveness of the Plages Électro festival. For each of its days, the Line Up promises memorable scenes, especially as all the guest artists are excellent in their respective fields.

As far as the musical genre is concerned, various types of music will be played, including rap, dance, house and especially minimal techno.


It’s worth remembering that access to the festival’s stages and concerts is conditional on the purchase of a ticket. Several types of pass are available for the event. These are 3-day passes without after, 3-day passes with after and, finally, day passes for each date of the event, each including the option with after or the option without after. These tickets are selling like hotcakes and are required to take part in the 17th edition of the Plages Électro festival in Cannes. So it’s best to buy them now, so you don’t have to pay more later. There are a number of sites where you can buy these famous sesames, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and go to the official event website to purchase them. Tickets can also be purchased from sites recommended by the official website itself.

The festival beyond the music

In addition to its musical character, the Plages Électro festival offers a variety of other attractions. These include sightseeing in Cannes; sunbathing on the beach or bathing at night; and, above all, attending an official after-party at the end of the evenings, on the festival grounds. This is the perfect opportunity to extend the party into the wee hours of the morning.

Other information

The precise address at which the Plages Électro 2024 festival will take place is the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes in Cannes, France. It will take place over 3 days: Friday August 16, Saturday August 17 and Sunday August 18, 2024. Doors open daily at 2 pm and close at 1 am. As for the afters, they open at 0 am and close at 5 am. The minimum age for participation in the festival is 16. And children are only allowed in when accompanied by a guardian or their parents.
Various measures have also been taken to facilitate access to the sites for the disabled. In addition, certain purchases give access to special areas, such as the purchase of a Red Bull drink, which gives access to the Red Bull Open Water Party.
Lastly, various objects are prohibited on the festival site, including food and drink, weapons of any kind, drugs, strollers, animals, megaphones, laser pointers, pyrotechnic devices, sprays, gas bottles and smoke bombs.

The 17th edition of Les Beches Electroniques is guaranteed to be a fast-paced, lively affair. It also offers a unique entertainment opportunity with various styles of music. So don’t dawdle, and hurry to get your ticket.

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