Awakening Summer Festival 2024, Line-up, info and dates

Summer, a season of warmth, freedom and, above all, enchanting music, is about to light up with an eagerly awaited musical event every year: the Awakening Summer Festival in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands. This summer rendezvous, which has become a tradition for music lovers and festival-goers alike, offers an extraordinary sensory experience at the heart of this effervescent season. Imagine yourself immersed in an electric atmosphere, surrounded by haunting melodies, as the sun declines over the horizon, creating a magical setting conducive to escape. The Awakening Summer Festival is much more than just a musical event; it embodies the very essence of celebration, artistic communion and the sharing of memorable moments. In this article, we’ll take a look at the exceptional line-up, the dates and all the other important information about this event.

Festival information

Awakenings Festival 2023 – Stef van Oosterhout –

The Awakening Summer Festival 2024 promises not only extraordinary musical moments, but also impeccable organization to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of festival-goers.

Festival dates and times

Mark your calendars now for the dates of the Awakening Summer Festival 2024. The event will take place over 3 days, starting on Friday, July 5, 2024 and culminating on Sunday, July 7, 2024. The festivities start early each day and go on until midnight, allowing festival-goers to make the most of every moment.

Event location and on-site facilities

The Awakening Summer Festival 2024 takes up residence at the prestigious Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek (Netherlands), a venue carefully chosen for its enchanting ambience and modern facilities. On site, festival-goers will have access to a full range of services, from food stalls to rest areas, guaranteeing an unrestricted immersive experience. Spaces dedicated to relaxation, food stalls offering a variety of flavours, campsites and well-designed safety facilities all contribute to creating a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

Tickets and prices

To guarantee your place at the heart of this musical celebration, be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible. The Awakening Summer Festival 2024 ticket office offers a range of packages to suit different needs, from day passes with different options to full-length packages. Please consult the official festival website or authorized sales outlets for information on prices, discounts and special offers.

Line-up presentation

The beating heart of Awakening Summer Festival 2024 undoubtedly lies in its impressive line-up, carefully orchestrated to satisfy the most eclectic tastes. This year’s headliners promise memorable performances that will live long in the memories of festival-goers. Here are some of the artists who will be present:


999999999 will be on hand to liven up the stage on Friday. The Italian duo stands out as an imposing and unavoidable figure at the top of the hard techno scene. Whether in the studio or on stage, their uncompromisingly immediate electronic music collides with the unpredictability of improvisation, creating an energetic force constantly in motion, resolutely forward-looking. Since launching their project in 2016, this Italian duo has propelled an impressive series of precise, incisive vinyls to the forefront, all released on their own NineTimesNine label. However, it was as live actors that 999999999 really forged their reputation. Their set, based entirely on hardware, delivers the impact and intensity needed to ignite the biggest techno events around the world. Their career is marked by success, with memorable performances at major festivals and intense underground clubs, including previous Awakenings, Fabric in London, Fabrik in Madrid, Crssd in San Diego, Fuse in Brussels, Sub Club in Glasgow, Kompass in Ghent, Possession (with Boiler Room) in Paris.


No boundaries seem to exist in 8Kays’ sound universe. His intriguing and undeniably distinctive musical style reflects an artistic spirit imbued with authenticity and depth. She whose track ‘Morning After The Rave’, released on Afterlife, has been acclaimed at hundreds of festivals and intimate club shows, establishing an outstanding sonic reputation will be present on Saturday on the Awekening Summer 2024 stage. She’ll be delighting audiences with unique sounds from her appearances at renowned festivals and club performances, including Tomorrowland (Belgium), OffWeek (Spain), EDC (USA), Printworks (UK), Watergate (Germany), De Marktkantine (Netherlands), SOHO (United Arab Emirates), and many other venues around the world.

Abstract Division

With over 25 years’ collective experience, the firmly established Abstract Division duo deliver deep, energetic techno sets that resonate in any club, rave or festival. Like so many other artists, they will be on stage on Sunday. As a DJ duo, their sets are infused with infectious energy, built with conscious narrative and evolving flow. Abstract Division likes to surprise while maintaining constant interaction with its audience.

Other performers include Adam Beyer x Joseph Capriati
Adiel, Adriana Lopez x Oscar Mulero, Adriatique, Airrica, Alan Fitzpatrick x Ilario Alicante, Amelie Lens, AMÉMÉ, Amotik, Andres Campo, Anetha, Anfisa Letyago, ANNA, Argy, Babyløn, Barry Can’t Swim, Bart Skils x Layton Giordani, BELLA (NL), Beswerda, Blasha & Allatt, Blawan, Bullzeye, CamelPhat, Carmen Lisa, Cera Khin, Chaos In The CBD, Charlie Sparks, Chlär, Chloé Caillet, Chris Stussy, Cincity, Clara Cuvé, DAF, Daria Kolosova, Dax J
Deborah De Luca, Dimitri x Remy Unger, DJ Gigola, DJ Heartstring, DJ Rush, Dr. G. Rubinstein, Ellen Allien, Elli Acula, Enrico Sangiuliano, Estella Boersma, Etapp Kyle, Farrago, Fatima Hajji, FJAAK, Fleur Shore, François X x Hadone, Franky Rizardo, Freddy K, Funk Tribu, Gene On Earth x tINI, Giorgia Angiuli, Grace Dahl, Helena Hauff, Hemka
Honey Dijon, HoneyLuv, Hot Since 82, I Hate Models, Ignez, Indira Paganotto, Joris Voorn, Joyhauser, Kevin de Vries x Kolsch, Kobosil, La La, Lee Ann Roberts, Len Faki, Lobster (NL)
Locus Error, Lovefoxy, Lucia Lu, Marcel Dettmann, MARRØN, Mha iri, Michel de Hey, Mind, Against, Miss Monique, Mochakk, Morgan, MYRA (NL), Nicky Elisabeth, Nico Moreno, Nina Kraviz, NTO (live), Orleus, Paco Osuna, Pan-Pot, Parkerstrange, Partiboi69, Patrick Mason, Paula Temple, Perc (live), Planetary Assault Systems, Richie Hawtin, Rødhåd, Rozie, Sally , Samuel Deep, Secret Cinema, Shinedoe, SNTS, Space 92, Speedy J, SPFDJ, Stephan, Bodzin (live), stranger (NL), Tale Of Us, etc.

The Awakening Summer Festival 2024 promises to be an unforgettable musical experience, filled with moments of sharing, discovery and vibrant emotions. The line-up has been carefully orchestrated to satisfy all tastes, from seasoned music lovers to curious amateurs. Headliners and emerging artists join forces to create an eclectic symphony that promises to awaken our senses and transcend musical boundaries. Prepare to be awakened, transported and immersed in a festival that’s much more than just a musical celebration.

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