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Our mission

At TechnoMag, our mission is to promote electronic music in all its forms. We believe in musical diversity and the constant exploration of electronic sounds. Our aim is to create a platform where emerging and established artists can share their music with a global audience.

Our history

TechnoMag was founded in 2023 by Eric and Malo. Passionate about techno for many years, we decided to create an online space where electronic music fans can discover new artists and stay informed about the latest trends on the techno scene.

Over the years, TechnoMag has grown into a vibrant community of DJs, producers, festival-goers and electronic music fans. Our website, YouTube channel and social networks have become destinations of choice for those who share our passion for techno.

Our team

TechnoMag is currently a small, dedicated team of two. Our modest size sometimes explains the response time, but we’re passionate about what we do and are determined to give you the best possible experience.

  • Eric: As co-founder of TechnoMag, Eric wears many hats. He’s the brains behind the site’s development, ensuring that our platform is user-friendly and runs smoothly. In addition, he is responsible for our online presence and for writing informative and exciting articles for the site.
  • Malo: Malo is also co-founder of TechnoMag. She is the driving force behind our social networks, creating a dynamic and engaging presence for our online community. What’s more, she brings her talents to writing articles, sharing relevant and captivating information. Malo is also our resident event photographer, capturing special moments for you to relive.

We believe in the power of passion and commitment, and our small team works hard to offer our visitors a reliable source of information and entertainment related to electronic music and techno. We’re delighted to have you with us on this musical adventure!

Our Values

At TechnoMag, we believe in creativity, innovation and the promotion of electronic music as art and culture. We are committed to supporting emerging artists and celebrating musical diversity. We are also committed to providing accurate, relevant and quality information to our audience.

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At TechnoMag, we’re passionate about electronic music in all its forms. Since our inception, we’ve shared this passion with you through informative articles, exclusive interviews and album reviews. Our mission is to celebrate and promote the electronic music you love.

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